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Access Requests For Locked Folders


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Just wanted to make a quick announcement about this, since I have received quite a few requests for passwords through PM.


Unless I know you from another board, if access is requested and you do not have any posts, I will most likely not provide you with the passwords until I see that you are posting regularly. I used to provide the passwords liberally, and then I noticed a lot of people who never posted anything had them, which concerned me, because those folders are locked for a reason.


We have a good board here. While we do have a trading/shilling section, I don't really want that to be the primary focus of the board. I'd rather keep the focus more on discussing wrestling than collecting wrestling. If you happen to do both, that's great, and I think you'll like it here.


At some point within the next few weeks, I will probably be changing the passwords to all the locked folders, and this will be done periodically just to ensure that access stays limited. At that time, anyone who would like access would just send another request to me through PM.


DVDVR, Kayfabe Memories, and probably other boards have had problems with their trading folders that I am attempting to avoid by keeping access limited. DVDVR, for example, no longer even has a shill folder. I definitely don't want that to happen here.


If I don't respond to your PM, or wait a while to do so, it's definitely not anything personal, it's just that I want to be cautious so that the folder doesn't go anywhere.


Thanks to everyone for understanding.

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