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Bracket #2 Fourth Round Matches


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#1 - Chris Jericho v Kurt Angle

#2 - Owen Hart v Ric Flair

#3 - Rey Misterio Jr v Edge

#4 - Undertaker v Yokozuna

#5 - Ted DiBiase v Shawn Michaels

#6 - Honky Tonk Man v HHH

#7 - Jake Roberts v Rick Martel

#8 - Davey Boy Smith v Roddy Piper (*)


Asterisk (*) indicates that Piper will get a bye here, since they had a match before and Piper got more votes then, so there's no point in re-running the poll.


Winners will face off in the following round for Bracket #2 (winner of match #1 in this bracket meets match #2, #3 meets #4, etc) and the winners of those matches will face of with the losers of the Bracket 1 Quarterfinals.


This is the final 24, in alphabetical order:


Bret Hart

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Eddy Guerrero



Honky Tonk Man

Hulk Hogan

Jake Roberts

Kurt Angle

Mick Foley

Owen Hart

Randy Savage

Rey Misterio Jr

Ric Flair

Rick Martel

Shawn Michaels

Steve Austin

Ted DiBiase

The Rock



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