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Loser Leaves Town Podcast 10/14/09 w/ Colt Cabana & Rob Naylor on midget wrestling


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I'm joined by Rob Naylor and Colt Cabana as we discuss midget wrestling throughout history. Lots of fun stuff including whether or not it's okay to find midgets adorable, Cabana on his love of using comedy spots borrowed from midgets, Little Beaver's appearance in Meatballs III, Billy Barty and Lou Albano in Bodyslam, a green Cabana missing his shot at being (a) Doink, Ninja Turtles, Roger Ebert's dirty mind, and much more. An action packed 80 minutes!

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Great show as usual Bix. Midgets are fun. Actually you need to do the show that you ran by me on AIM on Jewish Wrestlers.


ACTUALLY Bix, I'll talk to you about this sometime soon but you need to do a show on the AWF. I assume you have the DVD's that budget DVD company put out. If not the whole thing is AMAZING because it's so bad. I just have so many things I need to know about the AWF, mainly how did it manage to stay around for 2 years because the rules were so confusing and what not. That and the AWF had the most bizzare roster ever...


Tito Santana, Greg Valentine, Tony Atlas, Nailz, Sgt. Slaughter, Koko Ware, Bob Bradley (I assume this is Superbad Bob Bradley), Tom Brandi, DICEMAN RONNIE VEGAS, some incarnation of Devastation Inc with Hercules, Mr. Hughes, David Sierra, some random Super Destroyer, & Bob Orton. Eventually The Freebirds & The Road Warriors came in and apparently there was a tag team with Warlord & Jeff Gaylord which was probably pretty awesome and there was a 2-Cold Scorpio & Chris Adams tag team which was probably pretty sweet too then to top it off there was a Samoan Swat Team with Samu and somebody who was not Fatu. and Manny Fernandez was there for a taping. In theory this probably could have been awesome but the execution wa so piss poor.

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