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Guest John O'Neill

So I'm in Melbourne on a holiday and about to see Pearl Jam in concert, and I'm wasting time at a Casino before the concert. I leave the Casino and there was Ric Flair walking up the pavement. It's not everyday you see a famous guy just walking along, and I made a total dick out of myself by shouting "Holy shit that's Ric Flair! Holy shit that's Ric Flair!" A few people in the street were looking at me like I was on drugs. Flair, who was about 15 metres away from me, didn't look at me, which was probably a good thing.


It was interesting Flair walks in real life with the same strut he does to the ring. And he did have an arrogance about him. It was interesting to note he had no security around him. He was with his 4th wife, and surprisingly not many people around him noticed him.


I quickly decided I'd try and get a photo with him. I set-up my phone so it could take a photo and chased Flair, while my mate Tom followed (he had no idea who Flair was). I asked Flair for an autograph as nicely as I possibly could and he just said "Yeah" while kinda looking away. Flair asked me, "Is that the casino right now." To which I said yeah.


Unfortunately the lens of of my phone weren't adjusted correctly, and I tried telling my friend he needed to do something really simple to take the photo. While I'm saying this Flair just walks away. So I missed my opportunity to get a photo with him, so I was pretty gutted.


I'm not taking it too hard that he couldn't spare me 5 more seconds to get the lens right, he asked me where the casino was and that will forever be my contribution to his life.


EDIT: Added to this, I have totally botched the title of this thread and don't know how to edit it.

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