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Hart Family DVD

Bob Morris

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Amazon has the detailed DVD listing up.


The WWE focused quite a bit on matches that involved Hart Family members either teaming up or facing each other, which means several matches that have been featured on other DVDs are repeated here.


I suppose one could argue they should have tried to find certain house show matches, but the way WWE operates, they tend to go with matches the majority of people are familiar with.


I'll probably pick this one up mostly to see what the various Hart family members that got interviewed have to say, since most of what we have heard recently has been Bret's side of things.

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I think part of WWE's reluctance to use house show footage is the poorer quality from a production standpoint. Also, by the early 1990's most major market house shows (such as MSG, Boston, Philadelphia and Toronto) weren't being taped and televised like in the past.

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Guest Talon

OK I watched the documentary this morning and here are some of your fun highlights


Bret, Keith, Bruce, Georgia, Nellie, Diana and Smith are the Hart kids that were interviewed. As such Wayne, Ross and Alison barely get mentioned outside of token references to their backgrounds. Jim Neidhart, Nattie Neidhart, TJ Wilson, Harry Smith, Georgia Smith and Kristen Neidhart are the other subjects that are interviewed in detail


Dean gets mentioned as kind of a lost cause that everybody loved as a kid but then when he started going crazy everybody kind of wished the old Dean would come back, despite knowing that he had no will to live.


Owen obviously is mentioned but honestly most of the stuff devoted to Owen circles around his humor and - obviously - his passing, and even then a lot of that is touchy and centers around the lawsuit and the family falling out afterwards.


Everybody loved Keith & Owen because they were pretty well adjusted and normal and love/hate between the rest of the siblings are never really mentioned otherwise.


Davey Boy is mentioned in great detail, however they gloss over his (and everybody elses for that matter) drug problem except for his later in life morphine addiction. They do mention Diana's nervous breakdown and subsequent suicide attempt but nothing after that is mentioned (nor is the details surrounding Davey's death except that he just had a heart attack)


The excuse given for Davey Boy being "out of it" at Summerslam 1992 was he had a serious staph infection and Jim Neidhart pretty much had to carry him onto the plane to London. Diana provides pretty much the same story.


Dynamite Kid is only mentioned for about 1 second, which is when they discuss Stu selling Stampede to Vince.


SPEAKING OF....Vince doublecrossing Stu is never really mentioned. However Bruce (who everybody in the documentary says was such a visionary and such a great booker) mentions that he was the last person to find out that Stu was selling out and he only found out from another worker. Keith mentions that Vince offered Bruce the job of local promoter for Western Canada & the Pacific Northwest (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco) but he turned it down because he did not want an office job, instead he wanted to run Stampede, and Bruce said he was told "That's fine, but we'll still have your TV and all your buildings, but you go ahead and have good luck with it"


Teddy gets mentioned for about a minute, Georgia mentioned that Teddy was in Mexico and doing well for himself and that he got signed by WWE at 18 but was "too immature for the responsibility". They also show a Teddy clip from OVW, which is obviously years after Teddy was 18. Teddy's brother Matt and his passing get mentioned, but largely only to set up how TJ Wilson fits into the whole scheme of things.

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