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  1. I think Dave's whole reaction to the Chasyn Rance controversy just shows how out of touch he is with parts of the modern independent wrestling community and really the real world today. Kenny Omega has a modern, progressive, diverse, LGBT friendly and feminist fan base through the Golden Lovers gimmick with Kota Ibushi, plus also one that is anti-corporate wrestling through the All In phenomenon. When you carve such a niche for yourself you can't simply dig your head in the sand and play by the rules of sleazy indy wrestling of yesteryear or moan about all the bad shit WWE has done in the past and present. You have to practice what you preach and understand your fan base. There's no hypocrisy with the fans who support wrestlers / promotions who espouse an inclusive environment and got upset with Kenny for somehow having a convicted sex offender to work his show, the hypocrisy is with the wrestler who didn't live up to the standards he set for himself.
  2. Yeah, Billy is suing Dixie, although on what grounds is unknown currently. It's very easy to side against Dixie, and I'm sure she's left the company in a financial mess and tried to hang on for far too long, but I'm not sure Billy is nearly the saviour he's pitching himself to be.
  3. kjh

    WON HOF 2016

    The Pedro Morales comparison is really rather lazy by Dave as Mistico's big run on top of CMLL was twice as long (1971-1973 vs. 2005-2010), was more successful (the historic rap on Morales was that although he drew really well in New York, he didn't draw well enough in the other major markets in the territory, whilst Mistico was in heavy demand everywhere in his home country), and Mistico's return to Mexico isn't as bad as Dave painted it out to be (he headlined both TripleManias 22 and 23, and also the World Cup show in a dream trio with Alberto & Rey, all of which did strong business, since leaving AAA he's been used as a top guy in Lucha Libre Elite and CMLL). Plus, in terms of best box office voting in WON HOF awards during the decade of 2000-2009, Mistico came out on top, beating Cena, Rock and Kobashi. Plus, Perro Aguayo Jr. is already in and it's hard to argue that Perrito is a significantly better candidate than Mistico is (despite not having an extremely disappointing WWE run, his Los Perros Del Mal promotion failed to get off the ground and he was plagued by health/personal problems that almost derailed his career).
  4. kjh

    WON HOF 2016

    I really think that's doing down Punk a bit: his feuds with Raven and Jimmy Rave, his series with Samoa Joe and his first Summer of Punk title run (plus more I'm likely forgetting), all brought ROH a ton of buzz in its early years, even though he clearly wasn't the most technically gifted worker on the roster.
  5. kjh

    WON HOF 2016

    "Nobody knocks the great draws who weren't HOF level workers." - Get back to me when Big Daddy or the Junkfood Dog are in the Hall of Fame, brother.
  6. kjh

    WON HOF 2016

    To add to what Dylan said about Bryan, which I totally agree with, I also think it should be viewed as a positive to his case that he rose to the top of the mountain, despite the company at many times booking him to fail or never being fully behind him, through the strength of his likable personality and his supreme working ability. I view that more favourably (making the most of a crap hand) than someone being tabbed for stardom from day one and never quite living up to the push they received (like Randy Orton, who I expect to eventually get in by virtue of longevity alone, whilst not particularly excelling in any category: drawing, working ability or influence).
  7. kjh

    WON HOF 2016

    I think Mistico is an obvious Hall of Famer for a modern candidate, although I'm sympathetic to the argument that there's no rush with him.
  8. kjh

    WON HOF 2016

    I think arguing for more perspective on Mistico is really unfairly penalising him for peaking young as a performer. He was CMLL's top star for six years and was the key act for sparking a boom in Arena Mexico attendance. Obviously his WWE run was a disaster and that blunted his effectiveness as a draw when he returned to Mexico, but he was still a top 3 star for AAA on his return and helped draw some big houses for them in conjunction with Alberto Del Rio and/or Rey Mysterio.
  9. Having been to Rev Pro's four York Hall shows before Vader vs. Ospreay and seen first hand Ospreay's popularity grow from strength to strength, I don't think people here grasp quite over he was. The homecoming hero reaction he got after winning the Best of the Super Juniors tournament ranks up there with one of the most genuine outpourings of emotion I've ever heard live. Although on a much smaller scale, it was Hogan-esque. In that context, I definitely think the match finish has chipped away at many fans' good will towards the promotion that they allowed Britain's top star to lose relatively cleanly to an anachronism. It makes little logical sense to put over Vader when you're trying to tell the story that Vader was wrong about his criticisms of Ospreay's wrestling style and push that Ospreay is a revolutionary force in the profession. Given the fact that Vader is expensive to use and difficult to work with, it seems unlikely that he'll ever be back, so this won't lead to a rematch where Ospreay gets his hand raised. Part of the problem is that Vader came into the match out of shape and very much looking his age. Despite all the smoke and mirrors that fact couldn't be completely hidden. The issue with the Dunne vs. Ospreay rematch is that both men lost on the show, so you have two losers fighting over Ospreay's British Cruiserweight title. Plus the problem with the finish is that much of the heat ended up on the promotion (for booking Ospreay to lose) or Vader (for "refusing" to lose), rather than on Dunne costing Ospreay the match. Essentially it was a distraction finish in the end.
  10. kjh

    ESPN gives WWE/Wrestling their own section

    It was inevitable that ESPN would take a compromised approach with WWE because none of their real journalists would take it seriously, plus they employ a couple of personalities who used WWE as a springboard to success outside the company. The media as a whole has overall always done a very poor job of wrestling coverage whenever they've deemed it worth their effort.
  11. Revolution Pro Wrestling has booked Vader vs. Will Ospreay for August 12th, 2016 at York Hall. What did I say about people getting worked by Ospreay's "shoot" comments at their last York Hall show?
  12. I think it's something you had to be there live for, seeing how much more over Ospreay is partly due to the Ricochet controversy (and partly due to winning the BOSJ tournament) and hearing the chants during the night mocking Vader. Isn't wrestling all about generating the passionate reaction that you expected? Then he succeeded and you got worked.
  13. kjh

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    It goes back further to Maria using the hashtag #LowMorale on Twitter to make fun of Meltzer's reports that TNA wrestlers had low morale. Also, Mike Bennett using the heel line about how he's going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer could also be another troll of Meltzer.
  14. kjh

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    I like Michael Elgin's recent work, but he just seems a bad fit for WWE outside of NXT. He lacks character.
  15. kjh

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    The issue for me isn't EVOLVE getting WWE support. My issue is that it's hard to fully invest in a company whose top storyline is a propaganda tool to babyface the dysfunctional market leader, rather than put their own company over as the be-all end-all.