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Harley Race v Jumbo Tsuruta


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Harley Race v Jumbo Tsuruta - AJPW 08/01/82


The latter stages of this matches are really good, but the earlier stages don't really work out so well. They're just performing a bunch of moves without any real rhyme or reason, although Jumbo's bladejob is amazing and makes for some really awe-inspiring images, especially when his facial expressions are so great. They fight back and forth for the first 14 minutes of this 16 minute match, and while it's all executed fine, it's not really much of a match. Neither guy takes control for any length of time, but when they get into the nearfalls, things pick up substantially, especially when the hot finish and Race's sympathy bladejob are taken into consideration. This was a really good match once it got going, at the last 2-3 minutes are absolutely fantastic, but there wasn't really any build to get to that point.


***, 15:23

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