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  1. It's 28 years after the fact, but, it just occurred to me that those lumps were supposed to be on the Yellow Dog's mask to represent canine-ish ears. I just got that. No matter what you do today, you will never feel as stupid as I did what that light bulb went off over my head.
  2. ajtroma

    Holy Grails

    Actually, that's much better than who I was thinking it would be. I was thinking Helmut Hessler from SAPW from that era. Yours makes much more sense.
  3. ajtroma

    Holy Grails

    I'm going to throw in a few: Jerry Lawler & Bruiser Brody vs Randy Savage & David Schultz 5/06/85 The Monsel Powder angle Since Dark Matches/tryouts are coming out, there was a tryout once for a guy named "Herman the German". I've been dying to know who that is for 27 years now (even though I *think* I might know) Call me glutton for punishment, but I've always wanted to see IWF Muscle Rock Madness beyond that one oddball 30 minute commercial tape that came from nowhere.
  4. They changed it up due to a tragedy. Saturn's estranged 12-year-old son had been killed in a car crash the prior week. With that and the horrible knee injury, Saturn had a trying couple of weeks. The elbow was legit insane, though.
  5. I remember when Sandman was in USWA back then thinking "this guy is awful. He wont last long". Plus, even then at 14, didn't buy why a surfer dude would leave sunny southern California to spend the winter out here.
  6. The match was every Undertaker match you ever saw except, this time, Nate put a live rat in the bodybag with the poor job guy. I still get the willies thinking about it. The Gravedigger himself might have later become Prince Kharis in SMW. I'm not 100% on that, but I think it's the case.
  7. Say what you want about this but it was a helluva lot more interesting than some generic In Your House hype.
  8. What if they did 60 men, 2 Rings but Royal Rumble style entrances every minute? I'd heard that once it got down to the last ten guys, Hogan himself called the whole thing in the ring.
  9. The imitation of a car crash was because the segment prior to this was devoted to a demo car, all ECW-ed out. Sometimes you just dont have enough material usable from the prior taping.
  10. I remember the very first time that I saw this one. I didnt realize it was Nikita at first. I thought Jesse went berserk. Notice that little shit Jason Hervey weaseling his way into camera range every chance he could?
  11. Well, that three month period was interrupted by Al losing that Loser Leaves WWF fiasco against Too Much at KOTR.
  12. ajtroma

    [1998-06-27-MPPW-TV] Jerry Lawler vs Kane

    I liked Cornette pretending not to know how Lawler throws fire when we all know he can throw a pretty good one himself.
  13. I always figured this little "flub" was pure Russo, breaking kayfabe and the fourth wall, high-concept, "Get It?" bullshit.