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  1. Quantum

    20 Years Ago - WON 03/07/88

    I greatly enjoy this book. I first found it at my local Library over 10 years ago. To me, it was a fascinating book at that period of wrestling. I think I read it a few more times over the years. My favorite part of the book was at the beginning I believe. The author is in Toronto talking with Jack Tunney talking about Punches in wrestling and how they always don't make their mark. Tunny's explanation is awesome, and I never forgot it. I even use his explanation to this day.
  2. This is one of my favorite matches of all time. I first saw this match when I bought a Misawa compilation back in the Tape Trading days. I watched this match many times and never got tired of it. All around great stuff.
  3. This was a very good match. Not great. I think they had an even better tag title match for the Unified tag title at a Clash.
  4. I grew up with WCW, and loved the King Of Cable tournament. Starrcade 1992 is one of my all time favorite ppvs. This match is easily ****3/4. The finish was cool too, as Sting just outsmarted Vader to win.
  5. Quantum

    [1992-01-19-WWF-Royal Rumble] Royal Rumble

    Best Rumble ever. Will always be. One of my favorite matches of all time. -Flair going 60 + minutes -The stacked Rumble -The Flair/Bulldog 1st half -The Roddy Piper story as the IC champ trying to win 2 title in one night and make history. -Piper again with his #15 spot and DESTROYING Flair for 2 minutes. -Warlord/Wear the beef line from Heenan before being tossed out. -New Heel HBK being awesome. So much to this match. The re watch-ability is amazing.
  6. Quantum

    Kensuke Sasaki

    Kensuke Sasaki to me is great. He has his classic Tokyo Dome matches with Kawada, Tenryu, Kobashi, and Nagata. He was the face and ace of NJPW in the late 1990's. He reinvented himself and carried Bob Sapp to a fun and exciting match in 2004. He was responsible for Nakajima as a pro wrestler. He was the first IWGP/TC/GHC champion.
  7. Quantum

    Best NJPW Heavyweight Matches

    Kensuke Sasaki VS Kawada: their 2 Dome matches in 10/00 and 01/01.