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  1. Smack2k

    Wrestling's Scummiest Moment Ever?

    That seems kind of low on the list of scummy things Fritz pulled. Why don't you out-Fritz me then? The first thing I think of when I think of scummy Fritz Von Erich is when he faked a heart attack in the ring a couple of years after David's death Ahh yes, Christmas Night 1987 was when Fritz pulled that one off.... How about helping convince a clearly brain damaged and fragile Mike Von Erich to get back in the ring quickly after Toxic Shock in 85 when ANYONE watching knows that kid should have been no where near it after his incident.
  2. Smack2k

    Current NWA

    And a QB that cant win a playoff game...
  3. 1. Get my blog actually moving and force myself into all kinds of wrestling I havent seen 2. Continue my dive into Lucha 3. Organize all my DVD's in a better order than they are now...
  4. Smack2k

    Good Books on Pre-NWA years, 1900 - 1947

    I did an ebook of Fall Guys. Can be purchased from the Kindle Store or on PayHip (PayHip gets you both Kindle and ePub versions plus I get a bigger cut). Thanks Bix, will pick it up from PayHip.. Is there a code or anything that needs put in for you to get your cut? Nah, it's my PayHip listing, the way they work, you're actually PayPal-ing me directly and PayHip just takes a small cut. Cool service. That is pretty badass, hadnt heard of it..will make sure to use when I buy the book. Anyone have ANY info on the Max Jacobs papers Milo and the Halitosis Kid and The Role Of The Promoter in Professional Wrestling?
  5. Smack2k

    Good Books on Pre-NWA years, 1900 - 1947

    I did an ebook of Fall Guys. Can be purchased from the Kindle Store or on PayHip (PayHip gets you both Kindle and ePub versions plus I get a bigger cut). Thanks Bix, will pick it up from PayHip.. Is there a code or anything that needs put in for you to get your cut?
  6. Smack2k

    Good Books on Pre-NWA years, 1900 - 1947

    Anyway anyone knows to get a hold of the three Max Jacobs papers? Buddy Rogers and the Art of Sequencing? - I have this one on PDF Milo and the Halitosis Kid The Role Of the Promoter in Professional Wrestling The latter two I would definately LOVE to find and read as I know the Milo one is over 300 pages and a TON of information from this era.
  7. Smack2k

    Good Books on Pre-NWA years, 1900 - 1947

    To me, the NWA book was phenominal. Yeah, it bounced around, but man it was great in terms of history and the building and creation of the NWA, as well as the many aspects controlled by them and some of the more famous moments..I was and am a huge fan and consider it the best wrestling book I have ever read. Once the Capital Sports book gets here, I will dig in... I really really enjoy Hornbaker, even all his articles on legacyofwrestling.com are hard to put down due to their historical content and overall stories being told. I found the 4.99 Fall Guys book and am gonna download it...really looking forward to it as some other authors I have read history articles by (Steve Yohe for one) consider it a must have and a HUGE companion to everything going forward.
  8. Smack2k

    Good Books on Pre-NWA years, 1900 - 1947

    I ordered the Capital Revolution Book, really looking forward to it. Picked up Thesz book shooter at used book store yesterday, so looking forward to that one as well.. Also gonna pick up a copy of Fall Guys - Barnums of Bounce if I can find it. From 1937, looks to be a good bit of detail on inner workings of that period.
  9. Are there any books that have some good detail on Professional Wrestling from 1900 - 1947 that go over some of the promotional wars, pacts, Trusts, etc.. as well as back stories on the men? I have a read a ton about the era, but always looking for more on it. The National Wrestling Alliance book by Tim Hornbaker really takes care of that NWA History, but I am concerned now with the early 1900s and Hackenschmidt / Gotch / Jenkins / etc.. One World Champion era into the era of the teens / twenties / thirites with a bunch of different champions (AWA / NWA / etc..) / the original NWA (National Wrestling Association) history / into the formation of the Alliance? Of particular interest is the era of the teens - thirties with the AWA / NWA / other regional "World Champions" and histories of all those regions / promotions.
  10. Smack2k

    Current NWA

    Chance Prophet is a friend of mine, and he is still working regularly, but doesn't do much with the NWA anymore. Phil Shatter became Gunner in TNA. Damien Wayne is still the king of Virginia indy promotions. As for Sheik and Walker, I am not sure. Thanks for the updates....I really like Chance Prophet's character, he cut some really good promos. I didnt realize Phil Shatter was Gunner...but I also dont watch TNA, glad to see he got a bigger time role. Vordell Walker was the other I thought would see some bigger stuff eventually.
  11. Smack2k

    Current NWA

    Yes to the Cabana / Pearce 7 levels feud...that was a great feud and HUGELY underrated. Did you get the DVD that has all 7 matches complete plus the story of it behind the scenes? Its a GREAT DVD and worth getting.. I ordered it from Adam Pearce the day it came out a few years ago and wasnt disappointed. The two of them put on great matches with each other all over the NWA and really gave it a National type appeal. Their 2 or 3 title matches from the Hollywood show were really really good as well, I think I have those saved somewhere on a HDD as well, or couldve been deleted...I gotta look for them now that it was brought-up. As for other NWA, while I was watching Hollywood and before I just couldnt keep up due to time and work, I was into NWA On Fire / NWA Anarchy / NWA Smoky Mountain / NWA Fusion. Enjoyed all of it for various reasons and at the time thought a lot of those guys would break out to another level.
  12. Smack2k

    Current NWA

    Is the NWA from Hollywood show still on? I was really into that during Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana's NWA reigns. Had a lot of good stuff on it at the time.. Liked the guys that had the other bigger NWA titles at the time to, the NWA National Title / other titles like Phil Shatter / Kahagas / Chance Prophet / Damien Wayne / Vordell Walker / The Sheik Those guys still around?
  13. Smack2k

    PWO Christmas Rewatch

    Kerry vs Flair from Hawaii is on youtube in 5 or so parts Great, Great Match to watch in full.... For me, I really liked the Christmas idea, so once everyone was gone (we host Christmas) and my 5 year old son was off playing with a TON of new toys, I sat down to enjoy my personal favorite - Bock vs. Hennig from New Year's Eve 12/31/86. I know it was taped in Nov, but I saw it New Year's Eve that year in ESPN... Match is still, to me, the perfect 60 min match that builds perfect from start to end, never gets boring, actually has decent commentary (I enjoy Trongrad and Blears on this one), and really gets nasty the last 8-10 minutes.
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  15. This show (6:05 Superpodcast) has quickly joined up with Between The Sheets and Exile on Badstreet as MUST listens...