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  1. Thanks for all the great hours put into this. It's given me information about a place I never knew about and a desire to jump into it. Unrelated, but the picture above made me think of it: entrance robes that aren't made of silk or satin type fabrics always look like bath robes and there's really no way around it.
  2. Troyvang

    Stampede Wrestling Results

    Man, terry being terry, makes it two matches before having to be removed. Good stuff!
  3. Troyvang

    American Wrestling Association

    This is great and I love the Paul Magers and Diana Pierce cameo!
  4. Troyvang

    Maple Leaf Wrestling Results

    This was really good! A nice, breezy read and I like your choices so far. Valentine and Martel hopefully being revisited down the road also makes me quite happy.
  5. Troyvang

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Me, too, but that was because I was in college, could only afford one subscription, and podcasts were more valuable to me at the time than written content.
  6. Troyvang

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    It went up because it went digital.If he went to the Torch website or had somebody create a wrestler observer site while putting up the newsletter digitally and adding podcasts he probably would had been better off. Yes. Totally, completely agree 100% and really thinking about it, your latter option (just getting someone to create the site and be his co-host producer) would've been the best bet.
  7. Troyvang

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    It's a mutual-beneficiary deal. Alvarez gets Meltzer, who drives subscribers, adds the content, and credibility to the site. Meltzer gets Alvarez, who gives him the means to distribute the product and the infrastructure therein. In my opinion, Meltzer is contributing and adding to the site much, much more, but I think even dave would say that his readership has went way up since hooking up with Bryan.
  8. Troyvang

    Where the Big Boys Play #63 - Superbrawl I

    Yeah he's wearing a t shirt and in silver glitter it says fantasia, though it's pretty small
  9. Troyvang

    Where the Big Boys Play #63 - Superbrawl I

    Re: Fantasia all Ross says is "it says fantasia on his shirt!" Then dusty talks about how Hayes always goes on and on about fantasia. I don't know where you got your info about Ross forcing the name there. Welcome to Oz!
  10. Troyvang

    Wrestling With The Past #7

    Great! I look forward to listening to this in my upcoming days off!
  11. Troyvang

    Wrestling Christmas Presents

    Still to this day the greatest Christmas present I've ever gotten is the Hulk Hogan wrestling buddy I was given when I was 4 or 5. I remember it so clearly and whenever I go to my parents, my mom still has it in a place of prominence in my old room.
  12. Troyvang

    AJ styles in WWE, would you like to see it?

    Sure, but I would only like to see him with no expectations. It'd be fun to see him rip it up on NXT and the mid card having good matches, but I wouldn't want to see thoughts and comments about how much he is underutilized or should be main eventing.
  13. Troyvang

    Introduction to the Board as a wrestling fan

    Hi everyone, Troy here. I've been on here for a couple weeks but will now officially introduce myself. I'm 26 years old, but my 27th is next week. I'm from Minnesota, small town born and raised and even though I spent a couple years in the suburbs I moved to a different little town where I teach middle school social studies. My wrestling fandom comes from my parents, and my first memories of wrestling were of really late days AWA (trooper, destruction crew, Greg Gagne), but my parents regaled me with stories of Bock, Mad Dog and the Crusher. From then on, wrestling was a big part growing up for me, with my Hulk Hogan wrestling buddy still holding a place as my best Christmas present. After AWA finally keeled over I started watching a lot more WCW and that was my main promotion growing up because we didn't have cable and Worldwide was always on channel 9 and it seemed like WWF came and went. During the mid 90s I fell off a little bit, but when we got a Dish in 98, my fandom really picked up as I was finally able to watch Raw and Nitro. That held pretty strong up until the time I graduated high school. As time has passed since then, I haven't watched a ton of current product, but usually keep current by reading reports and message boards and over the past 3 or 4 years I've become very interested in older wrestling and that's really what brought me here. As for what I'm into, I've always been most interested in big personalities and guys that are good on interviews. So Flair, Michaels and others have always been up there for me. Additionally though, I've also always liked the wrestlecrap side of things as well and if I can have a good laugh at something I'll most likely enjoy it. I look forward to further exploring the site and also more awesome old wrestling!
  14. Troyvang

    Favourite submissions holds

    Although they always depend on who is performing it, I would generally say the cloverleaf and the stf are my favorites to see done.