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    Wrestle Kingdom 12

    The match I'm most excited to watch is Okada vs. Naito, primarily because I just want Naito to win the title. I'm not the biggest fan of New Japan's main event style, but I don't think we are going to see a near 50 minute epic (35-40 minute seems more likely) from these two unlike last year's main event. Other than the rest of LIJ winning their respective championship matches and the hope that Goto gets his head shaved bald, I'm not too interested by the rest of the card. Maybe Omega can get something enjoyable out of Jericho with the No DQ stipulation.
  2. After their confrontation last week, a non-title match between Alexa Bliss and Asuka was made for Raw. Alexa wasn't too happy about this and asked Kurt Angle why is he rewarding Asuka for her actions. Angle said if Alexa had a problem with Asuka, they can settle it in the ring. Later on, Alexa tells Nia Jax that she needs her by her side for the match, but Nia leaves as she had to attend to a sick Enzo Amore, much to Alexa's dismay. A nice way to build up the match and Alexa's growing fear of facing Asuka. Alexa's facial expressions were on point. Before the match, she showed a great sense of dread, knowing what's in store for her and putting over Asuka as a big threat. Asuka came out with her usual confidence and swagger. She got in the champ's head last week and looked to pick up momentum before the women's Royal Rumble match. Alexa kept her distance from Asuka, avoiding some strikes and staying near the ropes. Asuka got in a few shots on Alexa before she retreated to the outside. The crowd booed because they wanted to see Asuka beat up the champ. During the break, Alexa managed to avoid a hip attack and connect with a big kick to Asuka's midsection. Alexa targeted Asuka's ribs with some punches and by applying bodyscissors. Asuka's selling during this was quite good. Alexa got too confident by slapping Asuka in the face, which only fired her up. Alexa tried to fight back, but Asuka was too much and forced Alexa to tap out to her armbar. This was a good first meeting between Alexa and Asuka. I very much enjoyed the beginning with Alexa avoiding Asuka at nearly ever turn, not allowing Asuka to get too much offense off. The way the match played out also did a good job putting over Asuka as a threat to Alexa's reign as the work on her ribs wasn't enough to keep Asuka down and she countered a few of Alexa's offense (such as the sunset flip powerbomb in the corner). This is just a small taste of what these two can do together and I'm looking forward to the rematch.
  3. Last week, the unlikely duo of Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins defeated The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions. The Bar came out and interrupted an opening promo by Kurt Angle, saying that his son didn't deserve a championship match and demanded their rematch for the tag titles, which Angle didn't grant. Instead, he made a match between Cesaro and Jordan. The opening minutes of the match had a nice display of Jordan's agility and strength. In particular, Jordan catching Cesaro in mid-air before ramming him into opposite corner a few times. A quick distraction by Sheamus from the outside allowed Cesaro to deliver a chop block to Jordan's left leg. Cesaro worked over the leg very well a various holds and occasional strikes, and Jordan sold in kind with good screams of anguish and facial expressions. Jordan continued this in his comeback, fighting through the pain to deliver some suplexes to Cesaro. A good moment was when he couldn't apply a full bridge after hitting Cesaro with back to back Northern Light suplexes. The agony on his face along with the lifting of his left leg was very good. Jordan survived a Boston Crab by grabbing the ropes. Rollins attacked Sheamus on the outside after interfering again. This moment distracted Cesaro enough for Jordan to hit the belly-to-back suplex lift into a neckbreaker for the victory ─ the same maneuver Jordan used the win the tag titles last Monday. A good match to kick-off Monday Night Raw with a really good performance by Jordan. The match was well-paced and had effective storytelling that had the crowd invested all the way through. There was also some development between the team of Jordan and Rollins. Jordan continuing to show his arrogance by challenging Cesaro and Sheamus by himself, leaving himself open to attack (as shown moments before the match began). Rollins stating that he has to less self-absorbed and focus on the team. I'm intrigued to see this dynamic further develop in the following weeks.
  4. Isae Arreola

    Kevin Owens

    Kevin Owen's 2017 has been an incredibly mixed bag. He's shown flashes of greatness in some instances, but the majority of his performances this year have been flat to just plain bad. His feud with AJ Styles this past summer was quite bad. It's shocking to see two wrestlers of their caliber have little to no chemistry together in the ring. Their series of matches were overall forgettable, with only their first match at Backlash being remotely good. His heel work in that series wasn't interesting at all and featured his more annoying tendencies such as the headlocks and emphasis on nearfalls over garnering heat from the crowd. Not to mention his whole "Face of America" run was some of his worst work on the main roster so far - a completely dull and uninspired foreign heel gimmick. As of now, I'm not sure what to make of his pairing with Sami Zayn. I haven't seen enough of their segments because SmackDown as a whole has honestly been very uninteresting this year, but from what I've watched, they are leaning heavily on comedy and being obnoxious rather than actual engaging heel work. The comedy doesn't always land for me and I'm not looking forward to them getting their comeuppance just for being annoying. Now that their program with Shane is coming to a close, I think, it seems like Owens & Zayn are moving up to a feud with AJ for the Rumble, which I don't have high hopes for. While he's had plenty of lows this year, he's had some really good moments. The break-up with Chris Jericho was very well done, along with his promo the following week. His first appearance on Talking Smack (Rest in Peace) after the Shake-Up was great. And the beginning of the Shane McMahon feud was very good, including the segment with Vince McMahon. Owens has the capability to produce some good work. He's definitely at his best as the sociopath who shows no remorse towards his actions, as the aforementioned moments above illustrate. But he's certainly been disappointing for a long time now and hasn't been delivering consistently good performance despite being featured prominently on television. Hopefully some thing will change in 2018.
  5. Isae Arreola

    NXT Takeover: WarGames

    TakeOver: War Games was overall a very fun show to watch. Not one bad match on the card and each one accomplished their goal. Ohno/Lars was a short and sweet opener. Personal Match of the Night goes to Black/Dream with a breakout performance for Dream even in defeat. I was disappointed that Peyton lost tonight, but the crowd was behind Ember the whole time and wanted her to finally win the gold, so I can't be too mad about that. The match itself was fine all said and done. WarGames was a fun train wreck with a ton of crazy spots and plunder. Dain and Wolfe were the standouts in the match, delivering some great performances during their moments to shine. There were some issues I had with the match, but nothing that totally hurt my enjoyment while watching. I'm so happy that Almas won the NXT Championship tonight. It's been a great year for him after such an underwhelming 2016. Weaving in the losses into his character and then pairing him up with Zelina Vega to get him back on track was brilliant stuff. Drew was a fine champion, but Almas and Vega are the more compelling act, so the right call was made. Those two together are money and I can't wait to see what's next for them. It sucks to hear the Drew is injured. Hopefully he won't be out of action for too long.
  6. Isae Arreola

    NXT Takeover: WarGames

    I'm very excited for tonight's show. The build has been really good and all five matches have the potential to be great with the talent involved. The Aleister Black/Velveteen Dream feud has caught me by surprise by how good it's been built on NXT TV. I wasn't completely sold on Patrick Clark when he first debut the Velveteen Dream gimmick, but he turned it around for me and delivered with his interactions with Black. I'm very interested to see how their match plays out. As for the Fatal 4-Way, Peyton is the best choice to win the Women's title. NXT's women's division is loaded with babyfaces ready to chase for the belt, so a heel champion is needed to compensate. With Billie Kay by her side, Peyton can go for some cheap and underhanded victories, a welcome change of pace after Asuka's dominate reign. Both Kay and Royce are entertaining characters and can easily carry the talking segments on television. I'm a fan of all the women involved in the match, but giving Royce the title gives NXT way more options to work with than if Cross, Moon or Sane wins it.
  7. Isae Arreola

    Introduction to the Board as a wrestling fan

    Hello, my name is Isae and I'm from Los Angeles, California. I started watching wrestling in early 2014. It was during the build to WrestleMania XXX where I had my first exposure to WWE. I enjoyed watching guys such as Daniel Bryan, The Shield and The Wyatt Family and before I knew it, I was hooked on wrestling. I got the WWE Network in May of 2015 and watch NXT, old pay-per-views (primarily the gimmick PPVs like Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank), old Raw and SmackDown episodes. Eventually, I checked out other wrestling promotions. I watched a bit of TNA, but it didn't keep me interested for that long. I tried out New Japan and for the most part, I like it but don't consider it the greatest promotion in the world like the majority of wrestling fans tout it to be. I've watched Lucha Underground, but lost interest during Season 3. Thanks to the internet, I discovered promotions such as Evolve and Progress. Those two, along with WWE, are the promotions that I'm heavily invested in at the moment. Right now, I'm checking out other indie promotions like CZW, AAW, Beyond and some classic stuff like AJPW and Mid-South. I enjoy a lot of different wrestling styles and I'm open to try anything out, but what I generally want to see in my wrestling is storytelling. Characters and engaging stories are what I love the most about wrestling. My Top 3 favorite wrestlers currently are AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and The Miz, while my all-time favorite is Daniel Bryan. I found PWO through the Greatest Wrestlers Ever list. It was posted on the Daily Open Thread of Cageside Seats (a thread to talk about anything and where you can find me regularly) one day and thought it was really interesting. I looked through the site and found some of the discussions here to be very insightful and it really helped me learn more about wrestling. I've had an account for a year now and now I'm looking to start sharing my thoughts on wrestling here.