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  1. Ricky Jackson

    AEW Dynamite Week 10 - Dec 4, 2019

    Another fun sprint main event for Mox. Show was fine but they need a hot angle one of these weeks
  2. Ricky Jackson

    AEW Dynamite Week 10 - Dec 4, 2019

    One complaint, pretty much ever week, is that they make this bald ref look incompetent with him missing interference, low blows, foreign objects. Major pet peeve of mine
  3. Ricky Jackson

    AEW Dynamite Week 10 - Dec 4, 2019

    Jericho is incredible. That was 1998 all over again, in a good way
  4. Ricky Jackson

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    Love this show. Pretty daming opinions on Vince and WWE culture on the latest ask Arn ep. Last question: "Any funny Vince stories?" (Pause) "No"
  5. Ricky Jackson

    AEW Dynamite Week 10 - Dec 4, 2019

    I think we are seeing a lot of learning on the fly from AEW now. They road an incredible wave of momentum based on being underexposed indy stars that many fans rallied behind as an exciting and different alternative to WWE. Now they are on TV every week and they have to rely more on compelling booking than being successful based on the aura of a special attraction. They have the right talent to succeed long term but a lot of them are finding their footing in a new environment and playing a whole new ballgame. The mix of veterans and new talent is great but it may take time to get it right
  6. Ricky Jackson

    NWA Powerrr

    And the RnRs are defending the straps against the Wild Cards at the PPV The Cornette send off maybe should've been saved for another time, if at all
  7. Ricky Jackson

    NWA Powerrr

    The later promo by Aldis, which I thought was really good btw, further explains things and adds an intriguing stip. All things considered, I thought this was an effective way to build interest. They could've aired the 3-way this week but it would've gotten buried by the RnRs feel good moment. Anyway, all I know is I had lost a ton of interest in the last couple weeks but this ep has rekindled it. I really, really like the promos being cut here, some of the best in wrestling. If the PPV shits the bed, fine, but I'm going to give it a chance and am looking forward to it
  8. Ricky Jackson

    NWA Powerrr

    The James Storm promo on this week's show does explain why he is getting the NWA title shot at the PPV. He won a 3-way match for the shot in a match that presumably would've aired last week if they didnt have to release a hasty fill in ep in the wake of the Cornette controversy without any matches featuring his commentary. Still not a match I'm dying to see, but we can't blame nonsensical booking on it
  9. Ricky Jackson

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    Episode 81 https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/world-cast-81 November 12, 1983 Things had been a little dreary in Dallas...AND THEN THIS EPISODE HITS THE BOYS LIKE A PUNCH IN THE FACE!!! So much happens in one of the most noteworthy shows reviewed yet, including: -The Super D's are finally here. Aren't they supposed to be a tag team, though? -A super young Barbarian is in the territory as TONGA JOHN -Papa Fritz is here! And so is son, Mike. But is he anywhere near ready for prime time? -One of the great babyface turns of the 1980s, with Sunshine emerging as a SUPERSTAR -And to to it off, a mother f'n country whipping match between Hayes/Gordy and Kerry/Kevin! The boys had a blast watching and reviewing this show, folks. Don't miss it! (Also, as a bonus, Pete kicks things off by cutting a promo about the end of Hidden Gems)
  10. Ricky Jackson

    All Elite Wrestling

    If he starts throwing fireballs I'll definitely become more interested
  11. Ricky Jackson

    The Wednesday Night War

    No ratings this week because of Thanksgiving?
  12. Thanks man! Full credit to Meltzer for the bio of course
  13. Ricky Jackson

    Central States - minor miracle needed

    Hey that's cool. I remember reading about that movie in the WON back when it was released and not too long ago actually thought about it and if it was available somewhere. Thanks for sharing
  14. Ricky Jackson

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    Highly recommend the Survivor Series 88 ep, which is barely about the show itself. Mostly it's Arn giving his opinions on working, drawing, gimmicks, all the different wrestlers on the card, and all kinds of other stuff and backstage insight. Really good stuff here
  15. Ricky Jackson

    AEW Dynamite Week 9 - 27 Nov 2019

    Yeah, the bulk of the show wasn't must see or anything, but the bookends featuring Jericho were top notch, with a good hook at the end for next week