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  1. Ricky Jackson

    NXT talk

    Oh, it's all going to change when it goes to 2 hrs on USA, I'm sure. It will be interesting to see what they believe needs to be changed to draw ratings
  2. Ricky Jackson

    NXT talk

    The weekly TV is mostly there to get wrestlers over, like an old territory show, and in that regard it's been pretty successful over the years. And like a lot those shows back in the day, there have been a lot of cool moments and occasionally great matches, but it exists mostly to build up wrestlers and programs for the next big show/Takeover. It's not an episodic show, really. At this point in my life as a wrestling fan, 1 hr a week and five big shows a year, the closest to the 80s style I so love, is good enough
  3. Ricky Jackson

    All Elite Wrestling

    I like the idea of running college campuses and developing an atmosphere for their TV shows that makes them seem hip, while the outdated WWE style becomes the modern equivalent of the smoke-filled hall Vince supposedly rescued fans from back in the 80s. Yes, I've been, to varying degrees, a lifelong WWE fan, but deep down I want their arrogance and complacency to bite them in the ass big time in the war with AEW.
  4. Ricky Jackson

    NXT talk

    9/18 is the debut on USA, so they get a 2 week jump on AEW. Have to imagine they build to something big for Oct 2
  5. Ricky Jackson

    WWE Hidden Gems

    A couple months I think
  6. Ricky Jackson

    NXT talk

    So it sounds like an era is coming to an end soon, with the announcement that NXT is starting on USA apparently coming tomorrow on Raw. It will go head to head with AEW and I assume will be a two hour show. Will this be the end of "pure" NXT now that it will have to draw ratings and not be embarrassed by AEW? Will it become just another main roster show with wrestlers from Raw and Smackdown regularly appearing? I hope it keeps it's identity, but it's definitely going to be different. It could be rejuvenating, who knows. Things haven't exactly been must see for a while now anyway. I feel a bit sad because 2015 NXT is what got me back into modern wrestling after a long period of being mostly just an old school fan. The last four years have been a blast and some of my favorite wrestling ever. Things are really gearing up to be interesting beginning Oct 2 if nothing else
  7. Ricky Jackson

    PWO Retro

    https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/pwo-retro-letters-from-kayfabe-2 On this edition of PWO Retro, we revisit the 2nd episode of Letters From Kayfabe, a show stepping close to the very edges of "the cheese platter" as hosts Allan and Parv go deeper into the world of WWF. 1. The Mailbag: Hogan Fist Helmet / brown-hair Dino Bravo in late 91-early 92 / Ian Mooney 2. The Event Center with JT Rozzero: Jointly promoted WWF and WAR card from September 15, 1992 3. The Long Topic: The changing look of the WWF from 1983 to 1993
  8. Ricky Jackson

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    Hart is revered by wrestling fans all over Canada because he was the biggest Canadian star back in the day when wrestling was huge all over the country. Why is that suddenly so hard to comprehend?
  9. Ricky Jackson

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    I thought that match was dumb and boring as shit, but the crowd only got hotter and hotter with each new weapon introduced, so what the fuck do I know
  10. Ricky Jackson

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    Live in the building, Shayna was over but nobody cared about Mia
  11. Ricky Jackson

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    Think you have to put Yim over tonight and create a new star. Then eventually she can work with Io
  12. Ricky Jackson

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    I'm going to be at the show, my first major WWE/WWF show since Canadian Stampede in 97. Hopefully it will be as good as that one ; ) Should be great as usual, but not a ton of buzz and there are tons of tickets left
  13. Ricky Jackson

    WWE TV 08/05 - 08/11 Comedy can truly help in dark times

    According to my wife, if she didn't know the names because of me, nobody after Cena has any mainstream recognition
  14. Ricky Jackson

    The Steve Austin Show

    I thought the Hogan interview was good, but my fave is still the one he did with Jericho from a few years back, as far as most laid back and least bs is concerned
  15. Ricky Jackson

    PWO Retro

    https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/pwo-retro-wrestling-with-the-past-cage-matches For the latest installment of PWO Retro, we go back to 2013 for an edition of Wrestling With the Past where Will and Charles discuss the mighty cage match! First, they talk about famous cage matches from the territory days including the Mid South Stipulations match, the Final Conflict, Lawler vs. Idol and more. They also discuss the NWA/WCW cage matches including the greatest War Games matches and the beauty of Magnum TA vs. Tully Blanchard, and wrap up the show discussing the WWF, the blue cage, escape rules, and the Hell In A Cell. Bloody fun for everyone!