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  1. Yeah, Meltzer gotcha obsessives on Twitter are among the most pathetic forms of life known to man
  2. Ricky Jackson

    Who is the worst booker ever?

    I thought Pritchard returned to the fold at most only a couple years back, well after his podcast took off, no?
  3. Ricky Jackson

    Who is the worst booker ever?

    So who is in charge of Smackdown these days?
  4. I don't watch the shows but have been following the development of this angle here, so I have a few questions. So what is the story supposed to be? That they are completely new wrestlers, like an old school gimmick change, a la IRS or Repo Man? Or are they just their old characters in new identities? I'm supposing the former because they didn't "have contracts" until last night. Or is this just typical WWE who gives a fuck if it makes sense storytelling?
  5. Ricky Jackson

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    It's a really good account of his early years growing up in Canada and breaking into wrestling for sure. I remember it being kinda rushed when recapping the bulk of his career though
  6. Ricky Jackson

    AEW All Out 2020

    I know. He always comes off as a troll, including on here years back, where I remember him dying on the hill of some long forgotten WWE b-show he basically declared anyone not liking a loser, and then being banned shortly after. His books are always highly praised though. I read "Shooters" and liked it at the time, but that was before he went full asshole on here. His Shamrock bio was being praised as one of the best wrestler/fighter bios ever written by Meltzer
  7. Ricky Jackson

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Blair was clearly the worker of the team while Brunzell was just a one trick, dropkick-throwing spot monkey
  8. Ricky Jackson

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    That's amazing
  9. Ricky Jackson

    WWE TV 08/24 - 08/30 HUGE News!

    Plus Sasha and Bayley spent time on the indies and would've called it in the ring then
  10. Ricky Jackson

    Roman Reigns as the ace post-Wrestlemania

    Don't want to ruin bubba's joy, but how many million THIS IS GOING TO BE WHEN THEY FINALLY DO THINGS RIGHT moments have been declared in the last decade and then nothing happens
  11. Ricky Jackson

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed it over the years
  12. Ricky Jackson

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    I don't think you've missed much. I gave up months ago. As soon they settled into the permanent schedule of alternating between 2010s WWE and Ask Arn Anything the show died. Total waste of Arn
  13. Ricky Jackson

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    Episode 100 https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/world-cast-100-adios-amigos August 22, 2020 The boys gather one last time (until the 2023 ten year reunion Patreon sellout tour) and shoot the shit on what they loved (and a bit on what they loathed) about the last three years spent watching WCCW. They also talk about what happens to the territory for the rest of the 80s and what highlights and lowlights they will miss. Laughs! Tears? Parallel universes?!?! And someone maybe barfs! It's the end of the road for World Cast!!! Thanks for listening everyone!
  14. Ricky Jackson

    Grilling JR

    Maybe Johnny can coax Boogie Woogie into a territory retrospective pod
  15. Hockey and Basketball feel not so different without crowds imo. Baseball maybe when the games have stakes, but not right now. Not sure how NFL is going to feel. Eagles are my fave sports team, but of all sports it seems like the NFL will be the hardest to watch without the crowd atmosphere. Haven't watched anything current in wrestling in about three months, and not much in 2020 overall really. Not sure if losing interest in wrestling would've happened as fast without the pandemic. I think I'm mostly burnt out on wrestling more than turned off by the lack of fans