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  1. Ricky Jackson

    Holy Grails

    Yeah, that's super cool. Really hoping there is a potential gold mine in the CBC archives that could see the light of day in the coming years
  2. Ricky Jackson

    WWE Hidden Gems

    That's cool. I watched the Stampede reboot when it aired but haven't seen those shows since and they're never discussed online. I want to say the reboot lasted about a year or so? Principal Dick Pound was a fun heel there
  3. Ricky Jackson

    World Cast: A WCCW Review

    Episode 70 https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/world-cast-70 August 20, 1983 (WCCW 86) After a brief break, the boys are back, and they have a super fun show to discuss. Highlights include... -The Iceman continuing his quest to complete the elusive "troika" -Michael Hayes putting a jinx on the Atlanta Braves -Jimmy Garvin calling a news conference to announce he solved a rubik's cube, or something -Boris Zurkoff/Zurkhov/Zhukov/Zewchoff makes his debut, and he has to earn his way into the prestigious ranks of Devastation Inc. -The Birds vs the Von Erich's in another epic encounter -Plus, bonus match of the week, not found on the Network, Iceman vs Buddy Roberts, 2 of 3 falls from Fort Worth TV!!! (botched segment alert: Kelly and Johnny only watched the last two falls)
  4. Ricky Jackson

    The Bob Backlund vs Antonio Inoki series

    Cool, thanks
  5. Ricky Jackson

    The Bob Backlund vs Antonio Inoki series

    I wasn't really a fan of what I saw six or so years ago, which was the 78 Broadway, the two matches from late 79 and the Florida match from 80. I'm a huge Backlund fan and have enjoyed Inoki from time to time. I remember seeing clips of another match that looked really interesting, likely one of the 78 matches I haven't seen, so maybe I'll give that one a watch one of these days. What are the dates for the 78 matches besides the Broadway?
  6. Nothing but the best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery, TK
  7. NXT definitely feels past it's peak since the last Takeover and is as uninteresting as it's been since I began watching it regularly about four years ago. That said, it's been an amazing run that pretty much single handedly revived my interest in modern wrestling after it being almost nonexistent from about 2009 to 2015. Main roster has had some great shows, matches and moments in the last four years, but the overall presentation constantly drives me away and I find it beyond mindboggling that people have watched Raw and Smackdown every week during that period and not been driven insane
  8. The VinceSleep is hilarious. I like to think JerryvonKramer is in the middle of his ParvSleep right now and will be back posting and podcasting later.


  9. It's like Odin from Thor comics. The "Vince Sleep"
  10. Ricky Jackson

    All Elite Wrestling

    It was in 2006, but it was because TSN got the rights to Monday Night Football and wouldn't be able to show Raw live anymore I dont have cable but it would be cool if AWE got on TSN. It's not as huge in Canada as it used to be (Sportsnet, which airs WWE programming, is arguably the bigger sports channel here nowadays) but still one of the major channels in the country for sure
  11. Ricky Jackson

    RIP Pedro Morales

    Saving that one for the Patreon money grab reunion tour
  12. Ricky Jackson

    Between the Sheets - Chronologically

    First 60 plus episodes are here
  13. Ricky Jackson

    AEW Double or Nothing

    Show was all about the 3 main events and they were all memorable for different reasons. Rhodes bros was awesome. Old school bloody babyface Dustin was great. Tag wasn't my style but definitely felt like a big time match and I got into it. I thought the Jericho-Omega match was dull but the finish was cool as a "real sports" shock finish, putting over Jericho's new finish as a kill shot. Post match Jericho promo was great heeling. Moxley is here and the show ends with intrigue. Had a blast watching with friends. I love pro wrestling
  14. Ricky Jackson

    All Elite Wrestling

    So I guess starting a specific thread for this show was a waste of time. Savages
  15. Ricky Jackson

    AEW Double or Nothing

    Ok, today's the day. Definitely a polarizing show around here and elsewhere. I'm getting together with friends to split the cost. No way would I drop $50 on this, but I'm sure there will be free streaming options if one is so inclined, doesn't mind less than top quality video, and knows where to look. I'm no big fan of these guys and all their various projects, but I enjoyed what I saw of All In and want to check this out because I'm curious what they plan on showcasing as the alternative to WWE. Should be fun