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  1. Ricky Jackson

    The battle of the Vinces

    There was also Ernie Ladd and, briefly, Don Leo Jonathan (who I think they didn't even book a singles match with Andre, only tags). Hogan as a heel was basically treated like a giant. Blackjack Mulligan was pretty huge. Still, Andre was much more physically imposing
  2. Ricky Jackson

    WWE TV 03/01 - 03/07 Lashley please win this title

    I guess because NXT lost so many weeks in total, with only a couple blips of competitiveness, you could argue that was worse, but I recall v2 being a totally embarrassing one sided bloodbath. Did it even last 2 months?
  3. Ricky Jackson

    NWA Powerrr

    Officially still alive https://www.f4wonline.com/other-wrestling/nwa-returning-back-attack-ppv-new-power-episodes-334661
  4. Here's a sampler to bookmark for the future https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV6RCTo_Cd0Apflf4zr70wIl6t2rKmVT8
  5. Ricky Jackson

    The battle of the Vinces

    I fantasy directed an HBO style 50s-70s McMahon family wrestling show in my head years ago. Basically like Mad Men morphing into Boogie Nights. In the right hands it would be freaking awesome. IIRC, Norman Lear once had a show about 70s New York wrestling in some stage of development about 10-12 years ago but nothing ever came of it
  6. I know trying to convert anyone to the cause is always an uphill battle, but I wouldn't write off Bruno so definitively without giving his matches and feuds a chance. At least try to find the feud with Larry Z and some of his biggest MSG matches vs Graham, Patera, Arion...
  7. Ricky Jackson

    The battle of the Vinces

    No doubt promoting in the Northeast provided Vince Sr with a better chance of success, but he still had to present a product that captured the public's attention. One could argue New York was a difficult place to draw, because the fans were fickle and hard to impress, plus high rent at MSG meant one needed consistent large crowds to keep going. Prior to Vince Sr promoting MSG in 1956 many others had tried and failed to have sustained success for several years. Top promoters like Fred Kohler and Jim Barnett, and stars like Gorgeous George, Lou Thesz, and Verne Gagne couldn't make a serious go of it. Vince Sr (helped by Toots Mondt, longtime wrestling promoter/booker) got on the air in New York with an exciting product and had great success for many, many years, with only a brief period in 59-60 where he lost promoting control. Vince Jr at his peak in the 80s couldn't match Vince Sr's track record at the Garden as far as consistent sellouts and large crowds go. I cant really comment on the pre-Vince Sr Philly and Boston wrestling scene, but they were definitely huge drawing cities under his promotion. Of course there is no way of knowing, and not to discount Rocca, Rogers, Bruno, Pedro, etc, but I think hypothetically Vince Sr would've been just as successful in say, Portland or Amarillo, due to being able to maximize his draws and present the public with an intriguing product
  8. Ricky Jackson

    The battle of the Vinces

    Vince Sr was a great promoter. Also a great booker. (info on his booking isnt easy to come by, but as far as I know he booked all the major programs and matches during his reign) Vince Jr was a great promoter, and for many years booked like his father, with a babyface superman on top and strong main events. At some point the game changed, mostly because of Vince Jr's success, but also because of changes in culture and technology, the death of WCW, etc, and he stopped booking like his father/like a traditional wrestling promoter
  9. It was. Not sure if he was fired for it or not, but he was definitely raked over the coals Edit: he was released about 2 1/2 months later according to Wikipedia
  10. Ricky Jackson

    NWA Powerrr

    Sad. Totally torpedoed by the pandemic, although no guarantee it was in for the long haul even in an alternate universe. Will be interesting to read the whole story about the last 10 months eventually Edit: I guess removing all videos isnt officially RIP, but it doesn't look good
  11. I haven't seen the 08 match since the day of the PPV. For whatever reason, the Taker/Edge pairing didnt do it for me at the time. I mean, in general, as a feud. It went on for most of the year and I really began to hate it. (I was actually a weekly WWE viewer of BOTH Raw and Smackdown then, which seems like a million years ago) I remember despising the Hell in a Cell they eventually had, and even writing Meltzer an email basically arguing that he overrated it. (Lol, why the fuck did I care so much?) I'm sure this match was fine, but reading this reminded me of my strange hang up with the feud and basically the last time I was a devoted TV viewer of WWE
  12. I think vs Batista is my all-time favorite Taker Mania match
  13. Ricky Jackson

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Or to provide a comparison to Malice at the Palace, the late 70s NHL game where Bruin players went into the crowd to fight fans at MSG https://youtu.be/VMcbdBYuGTE
  14. Ricky Jackson

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Yeah, as far as I understand it the Peacock deal is a US thing only. Rest of the world is the Network as usual
  15. Mil Muertes vs Fenix Grave Consequences from Lucha Underground season 1 is by far the best casket match I've ever seen