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  1. club

    Marty Jones

    I find Jones to be a great stoic counterpoint to the likes of Finlay and Rocco. He still has character - a hard quiet man who's nobody's fool - and he seems to have a strong emotional connection with the crowds. Aside from Jim Breaks I think he's the guy who has the most really great WoS matches. In addition to the matches already mentioned in the thread, I'd recommend: vs Rocco (13/09/78) w. Myers v Skull Murphy & Finlay (not sure of the date, it's the rematch from their 83 FA Cup match) Steve Logan (10/02/79) Is there anything out there of Jones in New Japan?
  2. club

    Tiger Mask/Super Tiger/Satoru Sayama

    Outside of his UWF matches with Fujiwara, my favourite stuff of Sayama's are the competitive squashes. Him befuddling Sid Cooper on WoS, or Jose Estrada in WWF with his crazy offence is great stuff.
  3. club

    The Beginner's Guide To British Wrestling

    It's available to buy a watermarked copy directly from ITV for 75 pounds. The process is quite lengthy and as others have mentioned and you have to sign a document promising to only use it for personal use, not to distribute it etc. Let me know if you want details.
  4. When Hokuto dodges Ozaki, she shouts something like “Time to stop messing about”. It loses something in translation, but when she bites Ozaki, Ozaki is shouting that it hurts, Hokuto replies “I’m biting you even though your feet are dirty, you idiot”. Great match here. The premise was interesting. It seemed to be that Hokuto was trying to psyche out Ozaki by no-selling her offence, blowing her off verbally and later with the squats. Ozaki is like, you want to play that game? Fine. Post match was good. Hokuto can be really cutting in these promos. She tells the interviewer that Ozaki doesn’t have a pure heart and is more of a dangerous queen. She’s much better than Rumi Kazama. However she needs to improve her talking, and she’ll never get anywhere staying in a promotion like JWP.
  5. club

    Mick McManus

    Saw his 62 match with Pallo recently and it really was something. Really enjoyed McManus' performance, basically a quicker, more physically versatile version of his 70s self. I was taken by how different it was in terms of my expectations going in. Was certainly not expecting the level of aggression, McManus to break out a tombstone and Pallo to do the Buddy Rogers/Foley hanged by the ring ropes spot. I enjoyed it immensely but am lacking points of comparison stylistically having seen nothing else from WoS from the 60s, let alone McManus. No posts in this thread doesn't bode well, but it's worth asking - is there any more 60 McManus footage that is reasonably accessible?
  6. club

    Chigusa Nagayo

    Big fan of Ozaki so OZ vs GAEA sounds promising. The you hit me I hit you premise is interesting - the 93 Chigusa v Ozaki was similar to that in the sense that the story was was whatever Ozaki dishes out, Chigusa will dish back. GAEAISM it is.
  7. club

    Jim Breaks

    Jim Breaks is a God-tier shithouse. Tying his laces to break the other guy's momentum, talking smack, breaking just slightly late, getting one in after the bell, whining to the ref at the slightest infraction; he's the Sergio Ramos of wrestling.
  8. club

    Shinya Hashimoto

    Clunky yes, but I thought the pair had chemistry. The matches had such emotion. That sense it could all go off at any minute. Particularly the tag with Iizuka & Murakami and the last singles match. I'd put a lot of this on Hash in the way he held himself, and his style could fit in well with guys like this.
  9. club

    Shinya Hashimoto

    I'm interested in why you dislike the Hash/Ogawa feud. From a booking standpoint the way it finished is to me emblematic of everything wrong with 00s New Japan. The matches themselves though, those were some of Hashimoto's best performances.
  10. club

    Chigusa Nagayo

    That context is very useful, thanks both. The differing opinions of her in GAEA are interesting. What matches would you recommend - half a dozen or so - as an overview of GAEA Chigusa?
  11. club

    Chigusa Nagayo

    Thanks for the match recommendations all. Mid 80s Chigusa is amongst the best babyfaces I’ve ever seen. Such a great blend of vulnerability and kick-ass. That glassy eyed stagger about sell she does in the Dump matches, oh my god. Her connection to her fans - living and dying on her every move - is incredible and make for an amazing atmosphere. Her arc from this era, her setbacks and eventual climb to the top is incredible. l As far as a project like this, she sets an incredibly high bar, and when I put together a list there’s no doubt she’ll rank very highly. The post retirement bit of her career I find tricky. My first exposure to joshi was the big 90s shows, the Dream Slams and what have you. WIthout the 80s context she never stood out as an obvious star. One look at Bull and you know she’s a star, you see how Kandori carries herself and you know she’s a star. I never got that from Chigusa back then. Delving into 80s AJW over the past year or so, I understand why she’d be a big deal in the 90s. To me though star power seems rooted in what she was in the 80s rather than what she brought in the 90s. A special living legend type, equivalent to say 90s Tatsumi Fujinami. I like some of her matches - the singles matches with Ozaki and Bull, the GAEA debut show, some rookie squashes. But still she offers a lot less than the top tier 90s contemporaries or her 80s high point.
  12. club

    Randy Savage

    Fascinating thread to read through. For me Savage was one of my favourites as a WWF watching kid, and unlike many (sorry Papa Shango) he still resonates with me today. This is mostly due to the brilliant stuff with Liz that encompasses most of his WWF run, whether he’s the hot-tempered rising star, the envious deluded champ or the redeemed living legend. It keeps even the most cartoonish stuff grounded in some kind of relatable reality. The key is that he’s a guy who is amongst the best at projecting this awesome character and emotions in-ring. The matches were compelling because you could believe in Savage and thus told a great story.
  13. club

    Akira Hokuto

    She's is a definite top 10 contender for me. Her best is the best. She's such a compelling wrestler to watch during that period. Also she's a GREAT smack-talker. Was watching her vs Ozaki from November 93 the other day, and Hokuto getting on the mic mid-match telling Oz her moves didn't hurt, it really added to the match.