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AAA in finanical trouble due to drug gangs robbing their gate


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Cubsfan has a post up on his blog about AAA having to do cutbacks due to having an entire gate stolen by a drug gang at a show that didn't have enough "protection". AAA pays their talent directly from the gate, so losing a whole show meant they had to cut back on other things. My question is how can a major company like that (in a part of the world where drug gangs are not a new concept) still operate that way? If you ran a business in a place where you know at some point you're going to get shaken down, shouldn't you do the business equivalent of hiding some money in your sock?

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The cartels are more powerful than ever right now in Mexico. You rarely have independent shows anymore in certain cities because of it. Monterrey has become a wasteland lately as it's all locals working now with the exception of the big EMLL show there last weekend. Everyone is running around Mexico City now to stay safe.

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I realize the cartels are more powerful than they've been before, but any company who operates in Mexico has to be aware that they've existed in some form or another for quite a while now.


I just find it amazing that a company that has been at times the #1 company in the world and a solid #2 (instead of a TNA style by default #2) at others runs basically month to month. I know the economy hasn't been the greatest in Mexico, but how can they run PPV and TV tapings if the budget is that tight?

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