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Legends of Wrestling

Mad Dog

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I doubt any of you would actually play this but I thought you might appreciate the tribute to a lot of the older wrestlers.


Legends of Wrestling


The wrestlers included in the various sets:


Road Warrior Hawk

Road Warrior Animal

Jimmy Snuka

Harley Race

Nick Bockwinkel

Gorgeous George (with valet, Cherie Dupre)

Nature Boy Buddy Rogers

Giant Baba

King Kong Bundy

Ted Dibiase

Johnny Valentine

Greg Valentine

Bobo Brazil

The Sandman

Jimmy Valiant

Johnny Valiant

Nikolai Volkoff

Iron Sheik

Frank Gotch

Killer Kowalski

Ox Baker

The Destroyer

Playboy Buddy Rose

Red Bastein

Mil Mascaras

Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Don Leo Jonathan

Cowboy Bob Orton

Lou Albano

Jim Cornette

Midnight Express-Stan Lane

Midnight Express-Bobby Eaton

B. Brain Blair

Jim Brunzell

Koko B. Ware

Bruiser Brody

Justin Credible

Chris Candido

Antonio Inoki

Mad Dog Vachon

Butcher Vachon

The Sheik

George Hackenschmidt

Paul Ellering

Bobby Heenan

Masked Superstar

The Missing Link

Dick Hutton

Brutus Beefcake

Buff Bagwell


Upcoming set will have the following:

Dan Severn

Jim Londos


Antonino Rocca

Ed "Strangler" Lewis

Yukon Eric

Billy Red Lyons

Ida Mae Martinez


Special Delivery Jones

Sensational Sherri Martel

Gary Michael Cappetta

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