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Tito Puente's Selling


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This is from August 1989, it's from an event called Caliente y Picante: A Latin Session. It was recorded at the Biltmore Bowl in Los Angeles, and it's a pretty great line up of great talents. I'm going to talk about one of the performances that caught my eye.


This is some pretty great selling from Tito Puente. He introduces his young cousin, Millie Puente (aka Millie P). Throughout the performance, he is constantly going through a barrage of facial expressions, selling for Millie. She's obviously a talented musician, but Tito does a great job at putting her performance over. Some of the facial expressions he goes through convey him struggling to keep up with her, comedic frustration, some World of Sport-type babyface vs babyface expressions after exchanges, him going all out and him being blown away by her performance. His quality selling is on the same level of guys like Jim Breaks and Yoshiaki Fujiwara. At the end of the performance, he does a verbal "Frank Shamrock wiping the sweat of his forehead after tapping out Jeremy Horn" sell job, as he worries that she might replace him one day ("Gotta watch out, she's going to replace me"). What a classy dude, and so fucking charismatic.


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