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Nash/Punk/Ace Planned Storyline from Last Year


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pretty interesting. Nash was on a drug that helped prevent heart disease (caused blood platelets to unstick so they wouldn't clog) and it showed up on his test. That's why the angle with Punk was dropped.


the original plan was for Ace to have sent the text and lead a stable to try and take over the company (they sort of did this with Miz and Truth anyway) and feud with Hunter's group over control. I had always assumed that was the plan over the summer/fall. Anyway it could have been a decent storyline and better than what we got. Obviously Hunter was a last minute sub for Nash at the September PPV and no wonder why it made no sense for them to work. It was all frantic last minute stuff. If you believe Nash they didn't even know if Hunter was in good enough shape to work

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