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  1. cm funk

    WWE TV 05/18 - 05/24 The Last Dance was fucking incredible

    Probably belongs somewhere else, but KawadaSmile pissed me off I was never a big fan of Kawada compared to his contemporaries. I actually liked him more when he was old and immobile and mean. In his "prime" he bored the piss out of me. Is that a hot take?
  2. cm funk

    WWE TV 05/18 - 05/24 The Last Dance was fucking incredible

    Edge started really getting over with me in 04 when they brought him back on RAW and his big face return flopped and they did a really good job gradually turning him heel. I was still watching pretty religiously back then so I remember the gradual shift and progression. Benoit was a huge part of it, it started with them teaming and Edge going tweener. I believe Edge himself has spoken on that and said it was kind of an on the fly change because he wasn't getting over as a face, and it totally worked and transitioned into the Foley thing, Lita, Rated R etc....but it all started with that failed face comeback that thankfully they adjusted to Before that he was really getting over on SD as a babyface, which is why they brought him back on RAW as one, it just didn't click I've always been a bigger Christian fan though. Always better on the mic, always the better worker (IMO), really shined when given a chance to work singles. Shit, I know his TNA run is largely forgotten, but go back and watch a lot of that stuff, he was frickin great and other than AJ Styles got the best matches out of Abyss and Sting during that time period. The biggest difference is, as much as I love Christian, Edge had an intangible "TOP GUY" to him that Christian didn't. Christian could be one of the guys in the top mix, a top guy in his own right, and could have been booked so much better over the years in WWE than he actually was.....Edge had the booking and big matches, but he also delivered in those spots, and he could have been a big star in ECW, WCW, NJPW......same with Christian, but ya know
  3. cm funk

    WWE TV 05/18 - 05/24 The Last Dance was fucking incredible

    I like Edge a lot, but c'mon, Christian > Edge in basically everything but WWE look and favored booking
  4. cm funk

    Shad Gaspard passes away

    Such a sad story, but he died a hero by all accounts. I feel horrible for his son. I also liked that strap match after the Cryme Tyme breakup, but they never did anything with either of them after that. Yet another team with potential that WWE squandered by their refusal to take tag team wrestling seriously. I remember them being quite over for a bit, solid enough in ring for a young WWE team, they were paired with Cena briefly on TV but it didn't go anywhere, then nothing. I don't even remember if they ever held the titles, at a time when every random team would hold them and it never really meant anything. Definitely a case of wasted potential, and damn, he was younger than me which means he's was in his 20's when he had his run. Sounds like after WWE didn't work out he basically stopped trying to make it in wrestling. I'm going to put this in spoilers because it might come off a bit insensitive
  5. cm funk

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I used to post on the old 411 forums where Larry was a regular. Had a lot of interaction and rasslin talk with him back in 03-06 or so. We were both regular TNA watchers at the time. Good guy. Was amazed a number of years back to see he was still around and reviewing shows. Very sad. RIP
  6. cm funk

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Wasn't sure where to put this, but Shad Gaspard is missing after being pulled out to sea on Sunday afternoon. Doesn't sound good https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8331477/Former-WWE-star-Shad-Gaspard-goes-missing-pulled-sea-Venice-Beach.html
  7. cm funk

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I like Mark Henry a lot.....but I can't argue with anything you said there. I do get where he's coming from, having earned his keep in WWE despite all the obstacles thrown in his way. Yes, he had the big money/expectations out of the gate....but a lesser man wouldn't have survived the type of crap he had to endure from all sides for years. The wrestling business has run so many "outsiders" off for all kinds of reasons, he was a survivor. I respect the man for turning a negative into a positive, and for turning into a damn good pro-wrestler along the way. Times are definitely different now than they were almost 25 years ago when he broke in though. This isn't the days of JBL and Bob Holly any more. And it's hard to be a "locker room leader" when you're a retired MARK HENRY.....who other than being black probably has very little in common with Lio. As far as Lio goes, I like him too. He's super talented. From the outside looking in it seems like he may have caused and or/exacerbated a lot of his problems. But then again I don't have a problem with him having a problem with any of the things he allegedly had problems with
  8. The best actual cash in match was Sandow and Cena IIRC
  9. cm funk

    WWE TV 05/11 - 05/17 Becky got an announcement to make!

    There was a way to acknowledge Seth and Becky as having gotten married and do some "wink wink" subtle interaction between them on-screen here and there, references from heels in promos etc, without linking them on screen too much. It's really not that hard, but WWE rarely does reserved, subtle storytelling well anymore. The way they did it was the exact opposite way to do it. They put them all over TV as a couple, in bad backstage skits, bad angles and bad mixed tag matches against bad opponents. It was dire. I ended up hating both of them and skipping their segments....they both got under.....I'm guessing that wasn't the reaction they were looking for coming out of Mania with their top babyface champions Now that the genie is out of the bottle and Becky won't be on TV I actually love the idea of Seth's "Messiah" character morphing into him losing his mind over the stress of becoming a father. IF they do it well they might actually be able to turn him face again and get him back over the way he was when he beat Brock for the title before they buried him with shitty booking (and he simultaneously buried himself acting like a douche online)
  10. cm funk

    WWE TV 05/04 - 05/10 Watch The Last Dance

    no RAW notes from me, I just can't do these empty arena WWE shows......but The Last Dance has been a great doc. As someone who's 38...39 later this year......who's favorite sport to both play and watch was basketball, who wanted to Be Like Mike but also had a love/hate relationship with him in the 90's due to me being a diehard Knickerbockers fan.....I love this shit. I lived through all of this....I know the outlines of everything, the stories real and imagined, some stuff is being colored in a little more, the only new info I'm gleaning is minor and antecdotal (but still great)....but the best part has been all the footage that's never seen the light of day before and the current day interviews with people, especially MJ himself. It's fucking great. Oh yeah, pWo. AJ is back!!! And he's alive!!! That at least makes the MITB at Titan Towers more interesting to me....but tbh I'm definitely already hyped to see how they pull this off. Doesn't mean I'm going to spend 5 hrs a week watching their tv....
  11. cm funk

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Hahahaa, thanks for that! I knew Wheaties or Cheerios wasn't right, but I'm not really a cereal person This was weeks ago I noticed that, earlyish April, figured it was a WM tie in. Surely still good if out since January, I should check the next time I go to that store. I'd eat a box of cereal for a free month of the network
  12. Honestly, I think Sami himself would tell you he didn't think he was maybe ready for that role earlier in his career. Whether right or wrong, he was comfortable in the gimmick, and he was really fucking good at it. Working under a mask taught him him to emote and sell as well as he does, IMO. And part of the charm of the gimmick was it that there was clearly a charismatic as fuck white boy under that hood and they played it up for great comedy, and it worked great when he got serious as well. Also, and most importantly in wrestling, it was a great gimmick that made him $$$ on the indy scene, which wasn't always the easiest thing to do back then. And I loved the El Generico gimmick, and he was really fucking great at it. I honestly wouldn't trade in his ROH run for what Cornette wanted to do him with him. Maybe it would have worked, maybe he just didn't want to F'n do it and was saving going unmasked for when he want to WWE. Funny how Cornette never thinks of personal ownership of one's character and career when it isn't him
  13. cm funk

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Has Becky's push not worked out? I'm ironically spending a bit more time grocery shopping these days, and one of our stores stays open til 10, so I go out with a list between 9-10 when I'm least likely to have human contact (I'd go at 6 am but they reserve the early AM hours for older folks, which is fine by me) Anyway, in the aisle with cereal which I almost never go down I saw Becky prominently featured on a Wheeties or Cheerios box or something.....that seems kind of big to me. She was on the cover of the video game....I don't play them anymore but by all accounts a rancid versions of it....but that's not her fault. 2K video game cover is huge. She's also sold a ton of merch over the last 18 months or so Have they screwed up her push? Is she less over than she was in the buildup to WM last year? 100%. Absolutely. That said, they fuck everyone up these days. She kind of got herself over organically in the beginning, and now that they've given her the push and all the tools/toys that come with it, ironically it's as much of a hinderence as a help. And I don't have an answer for that, and it must be frustrating if she hasn't fully swallowed the flavor aid like her husband seems to have done.....but it's WWE....she's made out far better than most
  14. Also, weird choices. Do I see RVD back there? MVP is definitely climbing a ladder, circa what....2009?