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  1. cm funk

    WWE TV 02/17 - 02/23 Giannis should just deck Nick Nurse

    Between Nakamura slammed on a freakin grand piano and Joe getting a second concussion doing stunts for a commercial it's great to see WWE taking care of their veteran performers
  2. cm funk

    WWE TV 02/10 - 02/16 Watch Parasite now

    So the latest WM rumor is Cena and Elias having a match I can't disagree with Meltzer when he terms it "underwhelming". I didn't even remember Cena and Elias having interactions together at the last 2 WM and I watched those shows in full. Elias is an absolute nothing to me on the main roster. It's a one note gimmick and he's never had good matches. The most interesting thing he's done in years was the interactions with Jarrett a few years ago. And I thought he was a face now. Apparently he's more of a tweener who changes depending on the show/audience according to some people.....so again, why would anyone care about this? I don't watch WWE on a weekly or even regularly from month to month basis these days, but I do follow along with what's going on with the product and tune in here and there, and it seems to me like Elias has been a bit player at best for a very long time now
  3. cm funk

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    How much "podcast success" has Last really had? The 605 used to be one of my favorite pods but it's so infrequently updated now that it can't even be considered part of the rotation. The Idol show flamed out. I can only listen to so much of Fuller. I burned out on the Arezzi shows pretty fast. I enjoy Stick to Wrestling (the one that Last isn't on) occasionally. I'm far less likely to listen to Corny's shows in full anymore because I don't enjoy him cutting promos on AEW, Meltzer, Bix, whoever. If he's not talking old school and he can't do it without throwing in digs at modern stuff (which he does even more and more now when talking old school) he's hard to listen to. And this isn't a knock on Last at all really because I do love the old 605 and the rest at least have their moments. He's always taken potshots at other podcasters, since the early days of 605...I'm just not sure which of his podcasts other than the Corny ones are actually listened to by a lot of people and where this massive success that could actually go to one's head would even come from
  4. cm funk

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Jim went on an unhinged rant about Bix on the latest Experience. I thought Bix and Last were friends but Last didn't say a word in his defense.
  5. cm funk

    WWE TV 02/10 - 02/16 Watch Parasite now

    Angel Garza is great. From the first time I saw him on 205/NXT I knew he could be a star. I like Andrade but Garza is way more charismatic, and it's not like Andrade is lacking in that department. The two of them as a tag team with Vega, maybe add one more guy as muscle, could be money. The two of them against Rey and Humberto could produce some great matches And I remember seeing Hector Garza in the WWF back in 97 and thinking he was the best of all the AAA guys they used. He was a cruiserweight jobber in WCW but you could definitely see the superstar potential even then. Really sad that he died so young
  6. cm funk

    WWE TV 02/03 - 02/09 Patrick Mahomes might be The Guy

    Saudi Super Show
  7. cm funk

    WWE TV 01/27 - 02/02 R.I.P. Kobe

    The stock dropped when Donald Trump storyline bought RAW. Their investors seem prone to overreactions. I think the idea that Wall St won't "respect" Stephanie McMahon if/when she becomes president/ceo is totally overblown. Look at all the out of nowhere tech people who earn "respect" because they have a trendy product and no prior experience (and a lot of them flame out and people lose their asses). Steph would have some Wilson/Barrios corporate types under her and years of experience/name value she can tout, no pun intended. The biggest issue is the core business. TV money is saving their asses right now because all the core business metrics are way down, the audience continues to wilt away, and the one's that remain aren't getting any younger. And the product itself is bad. Until all that is fixed the rest of it doesn't really matter. The stock goes up and the stock goes down, and it had been overvalued for a while.
  8. Seth is more Kirk Cousins. Looks great against bad teams (when he's where he should be, midcard/tags).....gets a big contract (main event push) and shits the bed. Twice now! (or is it 3 times? WWE's booking all runs together)
  9. cm funk

    RIP Paco Alonso

    I'd never seen photos of him before, and forgive me if this comes off as an odd question, but in the center picture on F4W that I assume is recent he looks like Ole Anderson. I'm interested in genetics and history so I'm curious what his family background is. There must have been a strong European influence somewhere in the bloodline
  10. As a big fan of Heyman's WWE booking (Smackdown, OVW, early WWECW, some of the stuff he's been rumoured to be helping out with creatively in recent years) I think this is a brilliant move provided he's given a fair degree of autonomy. 3 hours is still a tough road to hoe but if anyone can pull it off it's Heyman. Wait and see on Bischoff, but at the very least it's out of the box thinking, and I'm definitely interested. As far as the production side of things we know he's done good things in WCW and TNA and he's got big budget production from FOX to play with. If he can keep it simple creatively and focuses on the action it could end up being refreshing. He always speaks highly of HHH on his podcast and I can see him leaning on him a bit for creative. The biggest question is how much are they allowed to change the presentation of the shows IE. less input from Dunn on production and less from Vince on creative. I'm skeptical
  11. cm funk

    WWE TV June 17th - 23rd 2019

    If they go with this direction of Beast Slayer Seth beating the fuck out of everyone with chairs along with LassKicker Becky they could do some cool shit here. I'd turn em heel and have em wreck shit. I know everyone here hates Seth. I don't, but I like him much better as a heel, and him and Becky as the top heel act could be money. I mean, right now it's what.....Shane and Baron Corbin?
  12. cm funk

    All Elite Wrestling

    Yeah, I don't think he's a bigot, but he's definitely not PC I was reading the Time magazine article on Liz Warren and they quoted a retired teacher after seeing her at a town hall saying, "She was such a doll" then following it up with, "can I say that?" We live in a world where an older man has to question himself when using a term of endearment like "doll" because it might now be considered offensive by the PC thought police. An old guy like Corny doesn't stand a chance, but if you listen to him rant about politics he's super liberal and F'n hates all the MAGA folks, hicks, racists and religious right
  13. This is why I don't care. I'm not watching that show anyway. I almost never watch WWE TV anymore either, but there's way bigger problems than Corbin, he's just one of many. And I agree with several people's sentiments that he's a perfectly fine mid-card heel, but there's absolutely no reason to push him so hard and put him all over RAW. He's definitely part of the problems there. Make him a mid-card gatekeeper who puts over guys on the way up and gets wins over guys lower than him or moving down the card. He's decent in the ring and can talk.
  14. cm funk

    AEW Double or Nothing

    Only watched through Cody-Dustin so far, needed a break after that, but everything that I've seen was good. That's the bloodiest match I think I've seen since Eddie-JBL 15 years ago. Was legit worried for Dustin's safety and there were fans in the crowd who looked legit distraught by it.
  15. cm funk

    The XFL is returning?

    Meltzer says they're prepared to lose $300m plus in the first three years. Insanity