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  1. cm funk

    WM37, WM38, and WM39 dates/locations confirmed by WWE

    It'll be interesting. There still might not be much live entertainment and sports come March/April, I could see some people who aren't big fans going just because they're starved for something to do, and I'm sure they'll bring in some big names from the past and some celebs and musical guests. That might actually be a bigger draw for them this year than it would be in a normal one. But they won't get the typical foreigners traveling here, a lot of people are still struggling financially, and far less people will be willing to come from say New York or California if it means they have to quarantine for 10 days when they go home. Combine that with the product being as cold as it's been in years I'm not even sure they can draw much more than 10k or so. As far as coivd goes, I think the travel is more of a concern than a well spaced out, far under capacity outdoor stadium with strict rules in place and hopefully we get a much better vax rollout when Biden takes over. You know a lot of people will be much more willing to go out and do things if they've got the jab, even if it's just the first one, it's human nature at this point. But then there's also the spread of more contagious variants to worry about, and if we're following the trend of still rising cases other countries have had things could look really bad in Florida in a few months....... I feel like comparing it to WrestleKingdom is apples and oranges when you look at the size of Japan and population density of Tokyo, how they've handled Covid compared to the USA, and that unlike WWE NJPW was actually a fairly hot product before the pandemic
  2. I don't even remember Alexa's alleged "reign of terror" or what show she was on. I assume it didn't bother me that much or I would, because I wasn't totally checked out on the product in 2017 like I am now. I always thought Alexa was a pretty good heel and decent in the ring, definitely wasn't bad, but I also followed her since NXT and saw her steady improvement She hasn't been as good since all the injuries (and concussions) started piling up, which I think is why they had her in a tag team with Cross for so long and now she almost never wrestles I haven't watched much of the stuff with her, Orton and Fiend because based on everything I hear and read it's awful, and from the looks of it it wouldn't appeal to me, so I can't really comment on it other than the little I have seen kinda sucks. Which is weird because in an alternate universe you could have Wyatt as a Sullivan type, Bliss as Fallen Angel and he could reassemble a new Wyatt Family. Even a longterm story there with Orton. Cut out some of the more hokey stuff and I think it could all work, but WWE creative is just so bad right now. Unless it's Reigns or Bryan essentially booking themselves on SD they fuck up everything Gillberg in 2021? Seriously? It's incredible how creatively bankrupt they are
  3. I haven't been watching but Pearce was obviously a bait and switch to try and generate some interest and get people talking. Seems like it worked kinda, because it seemed to get more interest as an angle than just booking a LMS with Owens would have I figured they'd get out of it just having Owens run in on the contract signing and sign it himself. WWE has done that a couple times over the years and it's been deemed official. Complete bullshit of course. I'm not sure if "matches are subject to change" is any better. They've never really explained why Adam Pearce is in this authority role in the first place It's definitely way better than rushing Goldberg into a babyface v. babyface match out of nowhere, then mistiming the big angle, only to have his opponent test positive the following week. So on the scale of current WWE I'd say this Reigns-Owens stuff is an A+
  4. cm funk

    Current New Japan

    And in my last string of half drunk/half high tribute to Johnny Sorrow posts on Night 1 of WK15? Okada was the best wrestler on that show.
  5. cm funk

    Current New Japan

    and the match where I noticed the ref speaking english was with two japanese wrestlers, which is why it stuck out to me so much. I know that's a thing in Japan, but you don't usually hear the refs talking to the wrestlers like that. It's super noticable in the states, but bizarre when you have a Japanese ref speaking to two Japanese wrestlers, IN F'N ENGLISH lol
  6. cm funk

    Current New Japan

    the other thing with the dome is how much you could hear the guys grunting and selling and whatnot, and noticable how little communication there was due to people being able to hear it. I noticed at least one of the refs talking a bit in english under breath when it was quiet so maybe fans couldn't hear his instructions on shit it was kind of a fun show to watch in that way, and I'm sure it was weird as fuck for the performers out there in that giant stadium
  7. cm funk

    Current New Japan

    Not a prolific NJPW watcher who watches full shows on the regular, but definitely a fan who watches stuff, so bear with me parsed the show today, didn't watch it live, but avoided spoilers and treated it as if I was watching it live, but with breaks weird show in the Dome with so few fans. hard to tell how many were in the building, you could see for sure on the pre-show how they had people on one side, and on the wide shots there were weird clusters and non-clusters. It is what it is. What is the deal with Chase Owens? It's an honest question. I don't get what he brings to the table to be featured other than he's friends with everybody. Which is fine with me. I assume that about a lot of people in NJPW, but why give this guy a featured spot? Anyway, the rumble was what it was. I like all 3 of the Young Lions who were featured, lots of guys I liked in the match, and it ends up with 4 I don't much care about. Meh I like Great-O-Khan. He's a work in progress for sure. Liked El Phantasmo and Hiromu quite a bit. Dug Phantasmo disrespecting the jacket and cribbing stuff from Omega, Jericho and AJ. Talking trash to Liger who wasn't there. I dig his character and I liked the apt comparison on english commentary to him reminding them of Sean Waltman. In the moment I felt this was a solid opener, but in hindsight I think it was a really solid one. GoD and Dangerous Trekkers was good for what it was but I didn't really get into it too much. I'm not all aboard the Taichi train yet, and I don't feel like this was the type of match that shows off the best of GoD. For the purposes of putting them over as a legendary dominant team it didn't do it for me. And ZSJ/Taichi, just because they beat Tanahashi and Ibushi a few times, didn't have the feel to me of a dominant team. So overall kinda whatever for me personally. If I was booking it would have been a total squash by GoD, Road Warriors style, where you wouldn't even feel like ZSJ and Taichi losing mattered because nobody on the planet could beat these monsters on this night. That didn't happen. KENTA and Kojima was solid. I wanted Kojima to win for old times sake but this was what it should have been. KENTA has the most snakebit career. I like his OL FLA Club shirt. He really should be the one to win the US title after his horrible WWE run, but Kojima had a run in the USA way back too, so this was a fun match to have I hope Jay White beats Ibushi. The proper booking with the story they seem to be telling is for Ibushi to win, but I have to honest I'm not that into Ibushi these days. I was a big fan of his like 15 years ago it feels like, back in the DDT days, and I'm not really on board with this story now of him "becoming GOD". I was hoping Naito would win on both nights. Ibushi winning on both nights is good storytelling, and I guess after that it would be him against Okada? My issue is that I'm not interested in it. I'm not that interested in Ibushi anymore. Maybe the titles makes him more interesting? Him and Okada will always be great, him and Tanahashi have a great story to tell now.....he's the perfect champion for now I guess in the sense that he's going to deliver and there are great matchups all over the board for him All that said, WAR KINGSWITCH
  8. Today is the 11th anniversary of TNA going head to head with RAW on Mondays We're now a year and a half away from 20 years of TNA.....
  9. cm funk

    Bruce Mitchell Drama

    Would be nice if the Mitchell stuff could be split into it's own topic. I have nothing to add other than I've never liked that guy. He's had shitty takes for 30 years. I knew people would have questions about why/how he died, I have questions, but talk about f'n low rent and classless bullshit from a supposedly "respected" "journalist". I'm sure more information will come out in due time, but can we wait til his fucking body is cold? I guess 2020 wouldn't be complete without a good pro rasslin covid conspiracy theory
  10. Timeframe is probably 89-90, but I don't know who it is either
  11. cm funk

    R.I.P. Jon Huber (Brodie Lee/Luke Harper)

    Was absolutely stunned when I saw this on Saturday. Thought it had been odd how quiet things had been about him being off TV, but there were zero hints that it was anything this serious. Such a shame. He sounded like a great guy from all accounts, family man, really smart and funny on any podcast I heard him on, including a recent Talk is Jericho where he sounded really happy and optimistic about his career going forward with AEW. I'm glad he got a chance to show and prove in AEW after being sidelined so long with WWE. The Dark Order was really taking shape after being DOA and he was great in the role. He was really entertaining doing the BTE stuff with Dark Order. I'm going to miss him throwing rolled up papers at Jon Silver RIP
  12. cm funk

    WWE TV 12/14 - 12/20 *vacated space*

    This showed up on my youtube and I decided to watch it. Pretty damn good. Are they pushing Big E as a future challenger to Reigns on tv or just on the web? If everything was well paced booking wise that's a F'n great Mania match in my opinion. It's hard to gauge how a someone's first big singles push is getting over without crowds. I'm having the same problem judging McIntyre. They're both over with me, but I'm not turning in to watch the shows because of them, and would they be over with the audience at large? I think under the right circumstances they would be, but I just see them surrounded by terrible creative and plummeting tv ratings. And sadly, like in every shitty era, some good performances and performers stumble onto bad timing
  13. cm funk

    WWE TV 12/14 - 12/20 *vacated space*

    Were they involved in that? I literally watched none of RAW Underground, not even in clip form. Come to think of it, I can't think of much of anything on RAW I've actually watched during the pandemic
  14. cm funk

    WWE TV 12/14 - 12/20 *vacated space*

    I have genuine IRL sympathy for her, if that's worth anything Changing topic....wtf is up with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir? I play WWE Supercard and I just pulled a new S7 Duke card...which means she's still under contract (they remove anyone who's cut or leaves from the draft board) but they don't do jack shit with either of them. I've always assumed they signed for about 100k a year and WWE just lets it roll over and refuses to cut them because they hold on hope of working with Ronda again, and they basically just sit at home and collect checks. Am I wrong?
  15. cm funk

    WWE TV 12/14 - 12/20 *vacated space*

    Yeah. It's been interesting looking back at 2013 and comparing where people were then to where they are now. Orton, Rey, Miz, Ziggler, Sheamus, Kofi, Big E, Cesaro, Usos and a handful of others in essentially the same spots give or take. Reigns, Rollins and Wyatt were getting their first pushes. Bryan was getting his push to the top. McIntyre was a geek. Swagger was doing the WE THE PEOPLE stuff with Zeb Alberto Del Rio was a top guy Punk was feuding with Heyman, Brock, Curtis Axel and Ryback. I'd honestly forgotten about the Curtis Axel push, where he "beat" HHH due to HHH having a concussion or something in a pretty tasteless angle when at the same time Ziggler and Bryan were dealing with real concussion issues Cody had a mustache, was a tag team with Sandow (Rhodes Scholars who I'd totally forgotten about). They break up and feud over Sandow's MITB case. Then Rhodes gets "fired" and it leads to the angle with Dusty and teaming with Goldust to beat The Shield for the titles. Which leads to Stardust....which leads eventually to AEW of all things amazingly Moxley and Jericho were in upper card spots and are obviously now top guys in AEW who've both reinvented themselves NXT was in it's very early stages....talking about Ashley Flair and Paige as potential future stars etc. etc. The rest of the wrestling landscape has evolved significantly around WWE. While other than a vast improvement in women's wrestling (they were pushing everyone involved in the first season of Total Divas at the time, as well as Kaitlyn, AJ, Layla and a few others) WWE remains essentially unchanged except for people like Cena, Kane, Mark Henry and Big Show who were all heavily pushed at the time time no longer being there And the wildest thing is Dave and Bryan talking about the audience being in it's 40's and slowly eroding. In seven years it's only gotten older and smaller with no end to the trend in sight.....