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  1. Seth is more Kirk Cousins. Looks great against bad teams (when he's where he should be, midcard/tags).....gets a big contract (main event push) and shits the bed. Twice now! (or is it 3 times? WWE's booking all runs together)
  2. cm funk

    RIP Paco Alonso

    I'd never seen photos of him before, and forgive me if this comes off as an odd question, but in the center picture on F4W that I assume is recent he looks like Ole Anderson. I'm interested in genetics and history so I'm curious what his family background is. There must have been a strong European influence somewhere in the bloodline
  3. As a big fan of Heyman's WWE booking (Smackdown, OVW, early WWECW, some of the stuff he's been rumoured to be helping out with creatively in recent years) I think this is a brilliant move provided he's given a fair degree of autonomy. 3 hours is still a tough road to hoe but if anyone can pull it off it's Heyman. Wait and see on Bischoff, but at the very least it's out of the box thinking, and I'm definitely interested. As far as the production side of things we know he's done good things in WCW and TNA and he's got big budget production from FOX to play with. If he can keep it simple creatively and focuses on the action it could end up being refreshing. He always speaks highly of HHH on his podcast and I can see him leaning on him a bit for creative. The biggest question is how much are they allowed to change the presentation of the shows IE. less input from Dunn on production and less from Vince on creative. I'm skeptical
  4. cm funk

    WWE TV June 17th - 23rd 2019

    If they go with this direction of Beast Slayer Seth beating the fuck out of everyone with chairs along with LassKicker Becky they could do some cool shit here. I'd turn em heel and have em wreck shit. I know everyone here hates Seth. I don't, but I like him much better as a heel, and him and Becky as the top heel act could be money. I mean, right now it's what.....Shane and Baron Corbin?
  5. cm funk

    All Elite Wrestling

    Yeah, I don't think he's a bigot, but he's definitely not PC I was reading the Time magazine article on Liz Warren and they quoted a retired teacher after seeing her at a town hall saying, "She was such a doll" then following it up with, "can I say that?" We live in a world where an older man has to question himself when using a term of endearment like "doll" because it might now be considered offensive by the PC thought police. An old guy like Corny doesn't stand a chance, but if you listen to him rant about politics he's super liberal and F'n hates all the MAGA folks, hicks, racists and religious right
  6. This is why I don't care. I'm not watching that show anyway. I almost never watch WWE TV anymore either, but there's way bigger problems than Corbin, he's just one of many. And I agree with several people's sentiments that he's a perfectly fine mid-card heel, but there's absolutely no reason to push him so hard and put him all over RAW. He's definitely part of the problems there. Make him a mid-card gatekeeper who puts over guys on the way up and gets wins over guys lower than him or moving down the card. He's decent in the ring and can talk.
  7. cm funk

    AEW Double or Nothing

    Only watched through Cody-Dustin so far, needed a break after that, but everything that I've seen was good. That's the bloodiest match I think I've seen since Eddie-JBL 15 years ago. Was legit worried for Dustin's safety and there were fans in the crowd who looked legit distraught by it.
  8. cm funk

    The XFL is returning?

    Meltzer says they're prepared to lose $300m plus in the first three years. Insanity
  9. It's a blatant rip off of Rob Smigel's TV Funhouse, and also Wonder Showzen I don't hate it, I actually like it, but it's not original, and I don't see how it's going to translate to in-ring and in arenas That said, I don't really care. WWE can crash and burn all they want
  10. cm funk

    WWE TV 01/28 - 02/03 Brazil is covered in mud and blood

    I'd prefer Becky and Ronda 1-1, but if they did a Charlotte-Asuka WM rematch no way in hell should Charlotte win again. Completely unnecessary. Asuka is finally back on track after losing to Charlotte last year and is way hotter. Charlotte is way better as a heel and you can lose the loss to push her further over the edge. That said, I don't hate the 3 way idea, and it's been built up. They're smart enough to know Becky is their hottest act right now and Ronda and Charlotte will both be booed out of every segment they're in with her
  11. cm funk

    HELL IN A (red) CELL 2018

    That would be incredibly lame given that he cashed in in advance weeks ago. That said, WWE does incredibly lame retcon shit all the time and make up the rules as they go, so I wouldn't put it past them.
  12. cm funk

    HELL IN A (red) CELL 2018

    What bothered me about the finish is that Brock F-5's Roman onto Braun.......why not have the ref come down and count 3 with the unconscious Roman pinning the unconscious Braun?!!? Gives you an actual finish with an out. Brock is motivated because he wants to beat Roman to get his title back.....and in the process he screws Braun out of his MITB contract setting up a match with them down the line. Why do the no contest fuck finish when you had a great storyline building finish RIGHT THERE?!! I enjoyed the show overall. Tag Title match was great, liked Orton-Hardy, liked the mixed tag and the womens matches.....nothing bad on the show and no long time killing segments. Heat for Joe-AJ was hurt by following that hot tag match. I actually thought the finish was really creative and well shot.....and before they even announced it I knew it was setting up for Melbourne. I actually think it makes more sense to put the belt on Joe there to give that show a big title change.....and Joe is about as close as a "hometown hero" as Australia will have being of Pacific Island descent
  13. cm funk

    Most Athletic Wrestler Ever

    How has nobody mentioned Rey Mysterio yet?!! Ricochet is ridiculous, he's probably my pick for active wrestlers. The way he can flip out of the ring and land on his feet effortlessly is ridiculous. Will Osperay is pretty damn impressive too. Himoru Takahashi as well.
  14. cm funk


    Well, I'm the same way when it comes to workout style. I'm a cardio guy who does light weights. Compare Ambrose in the early Shield era to later. His body changed a lot. I remember it being talked about here on this board
  15. cm funk


    Dean looked badass. I think the time out healing up did him good. He got way too lean/small/skinny/whatever, and I think it was due to all the nagging injuries I loved the stuff with Roman, Paul and Brock I really enjoyed the show overall. Braun coming out to be Balor's partner was predictable but it was great. And the crowd was super hot