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  1. cm funk

    WWE TV 10/19 - 10/25 No NBA, no happiness

    I haven't been watching SD but I hope they put the contract on Miz. Nothing against Otis but I didn't like him winning it in the first place. I see him as a goofy mid-card babyface, not a potential world champion, it just hurts whatever value the gimmick still has. Miz is at least a former MITB holder and a former world champion, and has the character to make it work. Otis really wasn't doing anything with it other than using it as a lunchbox
  2. cm funk

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8867787/Spanish-divers-perform-daredevil-stunt.html RAZOR'S EDGE TANDEM DIVE!
  3. cm funk

    WWE TV 10/19 - 10/25 No NBA, no happiness

    random question: on WOL today Joseph Park came up. Bryan and/or Mike suggested using Abyss in a cameo spot at Halloween Havoc. Would Anthem/Impact own the intellectual property to that gimmick? I know he used it elsewhere and I think used it in Puerto Rico first. Would they even care? Have they ever even gone after WWE for something like that? I know there was some weird back and forth between TNA/Panda and WWE at times but it's hard to remember all the silly shit that happened involving TNA
  4. Yang is really good on the latest Talk is Jericho
  5. this is true. I want to see him get hit with a steel chair or speared out of his chair, preferably both, in either order, repeatedly he definitely has heat with me
  6. you must be a gimmick. Screamin A lives up to his. I can replicate every Stephen A Smith argument: "LOUD NOISES DEFENDING ABSURD ARGUMENT TO GET ATTENTION" I didn't take him seriously 20 yrs ago, and he's even worse now
  7. I cared so little about RAW Underground that I never even bothered to watch a clip online. Shit like that doesn't work. You can't have "real fighting" in "the underground" because then what does that make the in-ring? Roman's "when I'm done with you, your whole family gonna be afraid" is legendary
  8. cm funk

    WWE Clash of Champions 2020 SHIRTLESS ROMAN TIME

    I posted about my love for the ladder match earlier, and I never weighed in so I'm gonna do that now I loved this match so much that I rec'd it to a few people I know who used to like wrestling but don't watch anymore, but trusted my enthusiasm, and they all were like "WOW" blown away by it. the thunderdome blew them away first of all, also I don't think one of them knew Sami at all, but the handcuff shit blew their f'n minds and they all came away like, "wow that was dope" and I had to be the bearer of bad news like, "yeah, don't expect anything that good again any time soon"
  9. Same here in Massachusetts, where it's also legal for rec sale. I believe medicinal is the same in NY state. There are doctors who specialize in it. You have to pay for the license and renew it anually, but it allows you to grow plants on your own if you are so inclined. Haven't looked into the NY laws in a bit, but I know where I am near the NY border the rec shops get lots of traffic from out of staters C.S. no offense brother, but maybe I don't know......many of your rasslin heroes partook in a joint or a drink here or there.......it ain't gonna turn you into a pumpkin
  10. In full disclosure I haven't been able to watch WWE without alcohol in years. I don't watch much these days, but it's partly why I would pick and choose what to watch, I can't afford to drink that much It would probably be fun for me watching a marathon of WWE programming on heavy drugs. I wouldn't subject that on a poor innocent stranger though
  11. I wish they'd just unify the damn titles. They don't have enough tag teams as it is, and it worked fine for the women's tag belts
  12. They actually renewed it through November. Meltzer thinks they'll be there into next year and will re-negotiate to have limited fans in, if they haven't already. The date being talked about for the 2021 NBA season starting is MLK day in February and it's highly unlikely to begin before then, but everything is up in the air with that. I posted this in last week's thread earlier regarding the draft, so I'm moving it here after realizing my error: The draft actually makes me less interested in WWE, at a time when my interest was already at an all-time low. The ladder match between Sami, Hardy and AJ was one of the few things during the pandemic I went out of my way to check out. It was fantastic and memorable and it made Sami look great. Then he's a total afterthought in the draft, coming off a classic ladder match, WHILE HOLDING THE IC TITLE. They might not care about shit like that, but I do. Oh and meanwhile they're feeding Hardy to F'n Lars Sullivan of all people. Oh and the RAW and SD champs just swap belts, and are having a match on the PPV without either titles on the line? what? Shit like this is why nobody cares about titles or anything else that happens in this horrible, horrible wrestling promotion And to add to that, WWE is adding title reigns for New Day and Street Prophets to their official lineages due to the title swap, making in WWE canon New Day 10x tag champs and Street Prophets GRAND SLAM (NXT, RAW, SD) tag champions, despite not actually winning the belts this fucking company.......
  13. Just saw that Chad Gable is staying on SD after not being drafted on Friday. The best hope for him is Daniel Bryan wanting to work with him, but that didn't end up doing anything for Gulak so who knows
  14. Also I don't want to wade into the NBA discussion, but "LeBron wouldn't be one of the best in any other era" is a laughable argument that deserves to be called out and ridiculed. And I'm old enough to have watched Magic, Bird, Jordan and everyone else over the last 35 years. Jordan and LeBron are neck and neck. I grew up on Jordan and LeBron is a couple years younger than me. I'm a Knicks fan and Jordan killed my team, I saw his greatness on a painfully first hand basis as a teenager. I can take the emotion out of it and rate them objectively