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  1. There's been yet another covid outbreak at the performance center
  2. Strummer

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 - Family Feud

    I guess the long term plan has always been for Edge v Orton for the title at mania. Edge's rehab hasn't been going well apparently but still like 3 months till they have to start the build
  3. Strummer

    WWE TV 10/19 - 10/25 No NBA, no happiness

    Wait for people not watching. Retribution lost already!??! Wasn't this their first match?
  4. Strummer

    WWE TV 10/19 - 10/25 No NBA, no happiness

    Elias did an interview confirming he was originally supposed to face Cena at this past Wrestlemania. I can remember there being some sort of controversy with people doubting Meltzer over it or something
  5. Looks like Goldberg will be on Smackdown tonight
  6. Newest Observer says Raw Underground is finished
  7. WWE has announced Daniel Bryan will return to Smackdown tomorrow
  8. @wrestlevotes is reporting wwe won't return to its normal weekly touring schedule until 2022 holy crap
  9. WWE has re-signed Eva Marie and she will be at the tv tapings tonight. PWI
  10. Strummer

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    So long "Wrestling with Paul". Great channel with him doing monthly wwf tv from 86 on
  11. Today is the one year anniversary of Smackdown debuting on FOX
  12. Miro did an interview revealing that last year during the Lana/Lashley storyline it was originally going to be revealed that Rusev suffered from erectile dysfunction. He was able to get it changed to sex addict.
  13. Glad I'm not getting the only one who can't stand MSW. Complete hack. Don't understand why so many seem to like him
  14. Oh man I just saw some of the deleted tweets Alexa made about Aaliyah/Murphy. They were all bad but the one where she says she didn't blame Murphy for "going after" Aaliyah had to be the worst. Have no idea what she was thinking tweeting that shit. Then she tried to shift the blame to all the "negative" fans criticizing the angle. Alexa seems down to Earth and level headed but this was quite the blunder.
  15. Strummer

    WWE Clash of Champions 2020 SHIRTLESS ROMAN TIME

    They still could have altered Roman's character though He still was the happy go lucky babyface for the past five years. The " I'm sticking up for wwe!" stuff with Brock was super cringe. Not as cringe as suffering succotash but it made him seem like a corporate stooge