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  1. Sonya v Mandy v Naomi v Carmella announced for next week. Winner faces Asuka at Mania
  2. Maybe we will see the return of THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS to overturn Vince
  3. Well they are certainly stretching this out to as late as possible I guess
  4. Well now they are openly talking about how underwhelming Corbin is as Kurt's opponent. Including himself and his wife on twitter. Pretty sure this is going to lead to Cena replacing Corbin. I think... and Cole mentioned fans complaining about it during Raw so yeah. Don't think this is the real direction here
  5. Drew shootin'!!! there's the Mania challenge
  6. Damn this is gonna be a long main event. Maybe they set up Drew v Roman here though
  7. Still don't get the rep Sasha had as a great talker when she got called up. She's a little better now but I don't think she's a great promo at
  8. It absolutely makes sense storyline wise but when you tease a mystery/surprise opponent you inevitably get people's hopes up. That's why the deflation from the crowd. If they had just announced the match straightforward people might not like it but be more accepting and less deflated
  9. I know but Corbin is such a gut punch that I was looking for reasons to change the match
  10. Angle v Corbin at Mania? Ends up getting changed to Cena?
  11. I think it should be noted that with all the injuries and people being gone, Braun has headlined a good amount of house shows since the end of last year. I do wonder if that's at least part of the reason live attendance is down with a cold character who has been hurt time and time by creative in a headlining position. In fairness he's been in there with Corbin in a stale program but I think it's worth pointing out
  12. Bryan making a late year run to win best on interviews is pretty awesome. Especially for a guy 5 years ago who didn't exactly have a rep as a good talker in a lot of circles
  13. Obviously the promo of Kofi's career there
  14. Her promo was nothing special tonight honestly. She's getting the Mania moment and I guess that's all that matters
  15. Orton and AJ shootin' Dixie Carter reference!! Orton ripped off DDP!