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  1. Strummer

    WWE TV April 6th through...

    So yeah looking at twitter tonight this was not a good night for Shawn Michaels' reputation, was it now? I mean yeah he's always had his detractors but damn
  2. Strummer

    WWE TV April 6th through...

    Big Show!?!?!
  3. Strummer

    WrestleMania 36

    So Edge/Orton has to be up there with best build leading to a terrible match in history, right?
  4. Strummer

    WrestleMania 36

    Apparently according to the newest Observer, Lashley is off the show as well. Or might be quarantined as of now just knowing how wwe works I'd guess Braun gets the shot against Goldberg. Yeah even after the dumbass things he said last week
  5. Strummer

    WrestleMania 36

    Good for Roman!
  6. Strummer

    WWE TV 03/16 - 03/22 This is the rhythm of the night virus

    Well they are showing this year's men's rumble match...
  7. Strummer

    WWE TV 03/09 - 03/15 Working From Home Edition v1

    Kinda surprised Edge and Orton stuff didn't get main event segment
  8. Strummer

    WWE TV 03/02 - 03/08 I know how to fix Bray Wyatt

    Bayley just isn't working as a heel. They seem to be committed to it though.
  9. Strummer

    WWE TV 03/02 - 03/08 I know how to fix Bray Wyatt

    Mark Wahlberg cutting on promo on AJ Styles. and a Marky Mark chant
  10. Strummer

    WWE TV 03/02 - 03/08 I know how to fix Bray Wyatt

    Richochet fighting for the 24/7 title?? and he loses clean??
  11. Well Cena changed his mind pretty quickly there
  12. Goldberg v Roman official for Mania. They dropped the chamber match I guess
  13. There was a "you both suck" chant as well
  14. Goldberg getting booed loudly!!!
  15. Also probably why they felt the need to bring back Batista for WM 30 because it was the first one since 26 without a scheduled Rock appearance