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ECW DVD changes


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From Melz:


--On the ECW One Night Stand DVD, the themes for the Dudleys and Sandman were changed. Sandman's entrance was to a generic wordless knockoff. They also managed to bleep all the swearing out of the DVD (thanks to Keith Lipinski)

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Guest Some Guy

Why did the Dudz come out to music at all?


Vince really should have kepy Sandman's entrance intact. The money this DVD will bring in will more than pay for Metallica's rights fee.


Editing out the wearing is stupid, they didn't on the ECW DVD and they shouldn't have on this one either.

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Guest treble

I figured they'd just use the same version (I think it's Motorhead) that they used in the ECW home video releases. Not really the same as the Metallica version, but it's better than nothing.

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Found this and thought it was hilarious. JBL's digs at much of the ECW roster:


He keeps on calling Mike Awesome: "Mike Awful."


As Masato Tanaka comes out, JBL yells five or six times: "THATS MY DOORMAN!"


As Tommy Dreamer comes out, he says, "This is the main event??"


As Sandman looks under the ring: "What's he looking for now, a treadmill?" "Or an oxygen tank!"


As the BWO comes out: "And you wonder why they went out of business"


About Blue Meanie: "Fat f--- with blue hair. Go find your porn star wife!"


About Meanie as he's dancing on the middle rope: "It looks like a donkey screwing a basketball, him being up there. Go donate your body to science fiction, you fat lowly lowly (yes, he says it twice) pig. He looks like a blue haired 800 pound Abe Lincoln."


As Big Stevie Cool is giving his speech: "Go home now."


As Kash comes down: "This is a carnival."


On Balls: "They're chanting balls" and then chants along with them saying "balls" approximately 100 times before saying, "You know if you really beat someone, you lick them. Does this mean you lick balls."


On Axl: "Has anyone heard of the Atkins diet"


On Balls & Axl (this is funny because of Johnny Ace's interest in signing them): "Who are the fat guys who came in?"


On the main event: "This could be awful, but it might not be good. I gotta be drunk for this one."


Regarding Mike Awesome: "Someone run in make Awesome use one of his 93 finishers..."


When Lance Storm runs in: "You can hear the paint dry. Here comes the most boring man in the history of boring. Lance Storm couldn't fill an arena if you gave free beer and free tickets. They say he's retiring today, (mumbled) if a tree falls in a forrest, no one cares. National Hockey League. No one cares."


Lance gets thrown out: "Is his career over now? Bye Lance, don't come back."


As the flaming table gets lit: "Now that's heat! Is there not a fire marshall in the New York state watching this?"

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