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In this long awaited new episode of the PTB Podcast, Scott, Justin & George are joined by the legendary James J. Dillon for an in depth retrospective interview on his life and career. This is a must listen for old school fans as JJ has done and seen it all across five decades in the business.


They talk about JJ's time breaking into the business, his travels around the world, his relationship with fans and other wrestlers, some road anecdotes, the formation, rise and fall of the Horsemen and a very emotional story of his reunion with Dusty Rhodes.


Part two will be coming soon as JJ will go through the rest of his career, including his time booking in WWF and as Commissioner of WCW plus more.


So sit back and enjoy this newest styling and profiling episode of the PTB Podcast!






Twitter: Place2BePodcast


Also, the PTB Podcast is now available on the Stitcher Radio app! Visit www.stitcher.com for more information!

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Guys, fantastic job on this, JJ Dillon is such a nice and humble guy, and so informative and interesting. Loved the stuff he mentions from the 50s, 60s and 70s. The Wajima story was genuinely surprising. Dillon is someone who really went everywhere and worked with everyone wasn't he, and yet somehow he didn't burn any bridges. This is probably the best interview I've listened to in the past 3-4 years. The Dusty stuff was very touching.


Pumped for part 2.

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