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So, I'm looking for some new ideas. Every year, at the Royal Rumble gathering at my apartment, we do a standard Royal Rumble pool - everyone throws $2 in and picks numbers at random, and the person that draws the number of the winner gets the cash. It keeps everyone interested in the match as they groan and say "aww man, I got David Otunga/Hornswoggle/Jim Duggan AGAIN!?!", and makes it fun for the non-fans who come just to hang out.


What we're looking to do this year is maybe change things up a little bit, or at least modify the current pool that we always do. So I turn to you, the fine folks of PWO - do you guys partake in any kind of pools for the Rumble? And if you do, how does your pool work?

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We used to pick everyone, 1-30. Five points for every guy that enters in the spot you have him in. ten points if you pick the winner, bonus points if you pick certain numbers randomly drawn correctly (i.e. 4, 16, 23).


We would also pick the undercard bouts like any standard pick 'em. We'd all throw in 5 or 10 bucks and divide to pay the top 3. Keep in mind there were usually 10-15 people watching it together back in the day.


We used to do pick 'ems for all the PPVs but the Rumble was always the best one due to the big match.

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