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  1. khawk20

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Not as much fun as you would hope unfortunately. They did two or three tv tapings down that way on consecutive nights as I recall so maybe next September we will get another on of those nights. I recall a bad company vs RPMs match from that tour that I don't see on that match list for example.
  2. khawk20

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Some of it looks fresh but it'll need to be compared to the AWA tv shows that this stuff was used on. Lawler and valiant vs Hayes and Kerry immediately stands out. The rest I think aired. Maybe not gagne vs enos.
  3. khawk20

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Dates? Anything "new"?
  4. khawk20

    WWE Hidden Gems

    And right you were, albeit not specifically the MTV-only specials so it seems... WWF 02/18/1985 – The War to Settle the Score [Duration: 02:20:28] The rivalry between Hulk Hogan and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper reaches a fever pitch on the road to WrestleMania. 7/23/84 Brawl to End It All Ron Shaw vs. Sika The Iron Shiek vs. Tony Garea WWF Intercontinental Championship: Bob Orton Jr. vs. Tito Santana © Bob Backlund vs. Butcher Vachon WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Greg Valentine vs Hulk Hogan © WWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship: Charlie Fulton vs Antonio Inoki © WWF World Tag Team Championship: Sgt Slaughter and Terry Daniels vs Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch © WWF Women’s Championship: Wendi Richter vs Fabulous Moolah © Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Paul Orndorff Afa vs Rene Goulet A 20-Man Battle Royal
  5. khawk20

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Flair vs Steamboat has been released previously on the wwes steamboat set. The rest is new.
  6. khawk20

    WWE Hidden Gems

    This weeks offerings... plus they are teasing a bonus gem that may appear, also likely Harley related.
  7. As a kid-kid, we got AWA tv out of duluth which was mostly a Minneapolis feed as Verne didn't spend much time going to duluth in the 70s as I recall, at least later...very few localized duluth house show promos, it was mostly for Minny and the St. Paul civic center. That was saturfay evenings, although for a while there was a Sunday morning show too...not in the same time frame. we got superstars of wrestling out of Montreal, but broadcast on a southern Ontario station on Saturday afternoons around 2, which our local CBC or CTV affiliate carried. We also got Lars Andersons world league wrestling on duluth tv for a while, and they actually came here in 1979 and 1980 for shows. We have/had a weird market here for tv, so an hour outside of town in a 2000 person town they got the superstation but we did not, and no stampede here either which kind of surprises me now. It must also be remembered that 12 channels was all that were available in the 70s here since specialty stations weren't a thing yet. I was 15 when tsn and muchmusic started, and the movie channels where you needed a descrambler started up (we used to binge movie watch on their free preview weekends...lol) That was it until the 80s boom hit, and even then it didn't up the different shows much here until we got the big satellite dish, at which point everything I could imagine was on, all week long. Too much to count, really. The WWF presence was of course huge but I had a sprinkling of everything...with the exception of Memphis, which in hindsight I find kind of weird given the abundance of footage out there.
  8. khawk20

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Martel vs Tonga may be the only one.
  9. khawk20

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I'll have to look at the whole lineup to be sure.
  10. khawk20

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I know there were people that came out of the shows here in the 80s absolutely confused about what they saw...believed it wasn't real, but then it felt and looked like it was. Especially true with the big brawls. It was a testament to the workers that they could make things blurry for a lot of folks that came to see them live.
  11. khawk20

    WWE Hidden Gems

    yes it's available. highlights of the last few minutes as I recall, not the whole thing. Their match the night before that set up the switch is also out there in jip form.
  12. khawk20

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Was thinking the same thing, possibly footage sent to Florida to promote the Funks, given the way we get footage crossovers between territories a lot. Fingers crossed it's part of more Amarillo material though.
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  15. khawk20

    Holy Grails

    CBC has a YouTube channel called encore+ that is adding older tv series and specials all the time, I check it daily so maybe they'll put some pro wres up there sometime, you never know.