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[2006-06-18-TNA-Slammiversary] Samoa Joe vs Scott Steiner


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Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner

Really good psychology here that somewhat reminded me of Joe's dream match against Kenta Kobashi. Steiner manhandled Joe in a much different way than Kobash thoughi. He cancelled out Joe's attempts at mat wrestling, showcasing his All-American background as an amateur from his days in Ann Arbor. He also managed to throw Joe around with various suplexes, a stunning sight to see. This was similarly surreal to Brock Lesnar and Undertaker's Hell in a Cell match, because Joe is always the dominant force.
A moment that stood out to me was Steiner powerbombing Joe, but the former ROH Champ absorbed the bump, locking Steiner in a triangle armbar. That was a really nice moment because it offset Steiner's amateur background. I also believe this is where Lesnar and CM Punk got the idea for the same spot during their epic reversal segment in their SummerSlam 2013 classic. The next highlight, of course bringing back memories of Joe vs. Kobashi, was Steiner lowblowing Joe during a rear naked chokehold, breaking a waistlock, and then dropping Joe headfirst with a half-nelson suplex. I'm sure that was worth it for Joe.
Unfortunately, the finish was botched as Steiner missed the ropes when Joe dropped him in Stun Gun like fashion, and then was finished off with a powerslam. Still really good storytelling and the last quality match of Steiner's career. A major pleasant surprise after Steiner's tenure in WWE prior to this. ***1/4
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