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NWO in 2002 if Nash doesnt get hurt


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If Nash doesnt get hurt in the big match in July on RAW and Vince kills the NWO...what was the plan to go from there with the NWO?


With Shawn in as well as Nash and others and the HHH angle starting...how far would the angle have gone? Nash vs. HHH at Summerslam I heard Charles say on teh HBK show with Will, but what after that? Does Shawn wrestle right away?


Being a HUGE NWO mark, I was psyched with HBK joined....hence the only two comps I ever made were NWO in WWE 2002 that floats around and the NWO 1999-2000 run with Bret / Jarrett / Nash and the gang that also ended with a thud...and I will say FOREVER if done right and Jarrett and Bret dont get hurt, that angle could have gone somewhere....

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Would 2002 Shawn, now being "reborn" have put Booker over at that point? They had a backstory when Shawn superkicked Booker on RAW to "teach him a lesson"....


THe Summerslam match with HHH, would there have been stipulations like if HHH loses he MUST join the NWO? Then with him winning, what next? Shawn was threatening HHH to make a choice or else the week before the NWO thing was scrapped? HHH ran into Nash / X-Pac / Shawn at King of The Ring in the back, and man, I marked out....I was still a HUGE HHH / HBK / Nash / Kid.....Clique fan at that time...so was hoping we'd finally see them all together...


If only Hall's issues wouldnt have come back as well...


Anyway, I am rambling...let me know if you know abotu HHH vs. Nash stips or where it was going from there if anyone knows...

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