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[2011-01-07-3XW] Mark Sterling vs Jeremy Wyatt (No DQ 60-Minute Iron Man)

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Mark Sterling vs Jeremy Wyatt (3XW 01/07/11, No DQ Iron Man Match)

60 minute match that goes into overtime between two indy guys I've never seen before. Could have been ugly. But they were nice enough to carry me through it the best they could. Yeah, this was really long. At times, they were really good in ways that surprised me. But they didn't seem comfortable with each other at times either. I thought they paced the match well, it had a really good layout and I appreciated that they kept most of the offense basic (with a few really cool surprises). But the way these guys worked just felt like two guys trying to recreate their favorite 80s match for the first half -- very derivative and rehearsed feeling. I wish some of the facial expressions and body language had been a little more exaggerated, because I think that could have put this over the top. I understand that it was no DQ, but I also think the referee could have added a lot to the spots by going outside with them in a failed attempt to break them up instead of just standing in the ring like an idiot. I was expecting this to fall off the rails when the weapons and teased interference stuff started, but that's really when the match picked up and the overtime part of this was better than the Ironman part. This is a very good match that they should both be very proud of, even if they seem a little green at times.

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