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[2011-01-22-SAW] Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King & Drew Haskins) vs Picture Perfect (Christian Jacobs & John Michael Worthington)

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Derrick King & Drew Haskins vs Christian Jacobs & John Michael Worthington (SAW 01/22/11)

Worthington is left to take on Derrick King Enterprises by himself for the first part of this. He is awful and has a long ponytail. The match is dragging and when I see Jacobs show up, I just hope he tags in soon and the match picks up. I mean, it's an example of what the tag formula can do for a match, but there's seriously nothing keeping this match together except the tag formula and a few neat heel things from King. I laugh when Jacobs does a dive to the floor and Worthington has the nerve to try too. Fun to see an okay heel team carry a green and clumsy babyface team through a match, but not really notable beyond that.

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