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[2011-01-07-WWE-Smackdown] Rey Misterio vs Alberto Del Rio (2/3 falls)

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Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Misterio (WWE Friday Night Smackdown 01/07/11)

2/3 falls match. Alberto is so much taller than Rey that some of these spots look really weird since he doesn't always do a great job of feeding spots in a way that doesn't look like he's just getting in position for a spot. Del Rio in fact looks really green here and doesn't really seem to work in a way where he looks natural in the ring. Hopefully he gets better later, but this isn't really a good performance for him. He's just a guy working a match and going through spots instead of a guy who believes in his act and wrestles with confidence. Rey looks really good -- not the best I've seen him look, but strong. The submission and La Magistral pinning combo to finish the first two falls was really cool. I like the layout of this - ground attack and heel aggression including some work on Rey's arm leading to a big comeback - but I don't think this was executed very well. This isn't a bad match, but it's awkwardly paced and it only has heat when Rey is on offense.

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