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PTBN: Extreme Rules 2014 Reaction Show w/ Will, Kris, Pete and Johnny

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Paha! Gotta love Will's hatred of Triple H, for sure. His paranoia of this mythical Hunter push waiting in the wings is just pure entertainment. Always dig the back & forth debates between he and Sorrow, too. Good stuff through and through.


Only regrets are that we got next to no actual discussion about the in-ring work from the IC Title Match, or any proposed ideas for HOW to repackage Big E. Was hoping we'd hear some. Other than that, this one's got all the bases from Extreme Rules just about covered.


So yeah. Agreed. Phenomenal freaking listen, fellas. Really enjoyed this one.

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Yup. Fun stuff.


I find that I'm more inclined to take Sorrow's side on most things, since I tend to kick back & enjoy these shows rather than pick 'em apart piece by piece or over-analyze things. I notice mistakes and rebook things in my mind, sure. We all do. As fans, that just comes with the territory.


But it's so much more fun to free yourself as a fan in the moment and just dive into the shows. It's why I try to watch (more often than not) with a group of friends and/or family. Just find it more relaxing by about tenfold. Plus you get to gauge the reaction of such casual fans for so much of the stuff.


If something's specifically engaging or getting talked up, I'll go back and rewatch alone later. But that whole "analyze every tiny detail of every match" and breaking down work-rate, etc? Meh. I passed that phase awhile back.


Don't get me wrong. It's cool that we've got fellow fans willing and able to do that. It makes for neat discussion and topics to talk up. But I have much more fun being the outsider looking in & listening in from out here. :D

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