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Help finding complete rosters to 80s-90s territories.


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I only know of the website solie wrestling that has a month by month collection of wwf/nwa/wcw rosters. I don't know if it's accurate but it is the only one I know of. I am interested in finding rosters for pre 87/post 97 wwf/nwa and 80s rosters for the old territories like awa,mid south etc. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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Both cagematch.net and wrestlingdata.com have all-time rosters that can be filtered down to an individual month.


Some guys will slip through--I don't consider most random, one-time TV job guys to be "on the roster," and outfits that ran interpromotional cards will always have some people who don't really belong. But they're better than solie.org's, as they're based strictly on the results available. No guesswork.

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