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My Top Matches for 2000


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After watching everything on the ballot for 2000, these 11 matches make it to the next phase. (Chronological Order)


Mitsuharu Misawa v. Jun Akiyama - AJPW 2/27/2000

Kenta Kobashi v. Mitsuharu Misawa - AJPW 4/11/2000

Kenta Kobashi v. Takako Omori - AJPW 4/15/2000

Kenta Kobashi v. Yoshihiro Takayama - AJPW 5/26/2000

Shinjiro Ohtani/Tatsuhito Takiawa v. Koji Kanemoto/Minoru Tanaka - NJPW 6/25/2000

Toshiaki Kawada/Genichiro Tenryu v. Stan Hansen/ Taiyo Kea - AJPW 7/23/2000

Kenta Kobashi v. Jun Akiyama - NOAH 8/6/2000

Kensuke Sasaki v. Toshiaki Kawada - NJPW 10/9/2000

Toshiaki Kawada v. Genichiro Tenryu - AJPW 10/28/2000

Toshiaki Kawada/Masa Fuchi v. Yuji Nagata/Takayuki Iiuzka - NJPW 12/14/2000

Kenta Kobashi v. Jun Akiyama - NOAH 12/23/2000

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I would put the Misawa/Kawada Carnival match over the Misawa/Kobashi carnival match. I would add the Hashimoto/Ogawa tag from the Dome show. Other than that, I would say that is a remarkably similar list to mine. I have Misawa/Akiyama number one in 2000, but Kobashi/Takayama is a closer second than I think most would have it.


This is my top ten 2000 matches:

1. Mitsuharu Misawa vs Jun Akiyama - Budokan 02/27/00

2. All Japan Triple Crown Champion Kenta Kobashi vs Yoshihiro Takayama - All Japan 05/26/00

3. Toshiaki Kawada & Masa Fuchi vs Yuji Nagata & Takashi Iizuka - NJ PPV 12/14/00

4. Kenta Kobashi vs Jun Akiyama - Budokan 12/23/00

5. IWGP Jr Hvywt Tag Champs Ohtani & Takaiwa vs Kanemoto & Minoru - NJPW 6/25/00

6. IWGP Champion Kensuke Sasaki vs Toshiaki Kawada - 10/00 Tokyo Dome Non-Title

7. Shinya Hashimoto & Takashi Iizuka vs Naoya Ogawa & Kazunari Murkami - Tokyo Dome 01/04/00

8. Kenta Kobashi vs Takao Omori - Champions Carnival Final '00

9. Toshiaki Kawada & Genichiro Tenryu vs Stan Hansen & Taiyo Kea - Budokan 07/23/00

10. IWGP Heavyweight Champion Genichiro Tenryu vs Kensuke Sasaki - 01/04/00

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