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TNA Unbreakable results


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From the Inside Pulse reviewer, who comes off as a dick, but Meltz didn't have a PBP thread up (rant about that following).




...Show opens with 3LK over Diamonds Are Forever with Konnan pinning David Young. Not much to it; entrances were longer than the match.


...Tenay and West hype the show and replay highlights from the pre-show: Monty Brown, Jeff Jarrett, Monty Sapp and Jeff Hardy (I sense a pattern) come out to talk about how they want a title shot. King of the Mountain vs. the winner of Raven/Rhino at Bound For Glory perhaps?


...ROH match time, with Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong. Aries wins with the 450 in a quick match by ROH standards, 'cause we need to make time for:


...Monty Gunn and The Alpha Male have words, turning Brown face, as Gunn wants Brown to apologize to Jarrett.


...Bound For Glory (TNA's "superbowlseriesamaniacade!") promo airs, with a lot of Monty Brown and Billy Outlaw footage.


...Next up: Bad Ass Kip James and Monty Brown vs. Lance Hoyt and Gram Apolo. Who do you think's gonna job?


...YEP. Brown. Pounce. Apolo. Done. (oh and some post-match tension between the Monties)


...Team Canada back in the locker room talking about how they'll win their matches. Bobby Roode tells A1 to step up and says he'll "Canadianize" Jeff Hardy; and Petey Williams runs down the history between he and Sabin as they get ready to steal the show.


...Williams comes out to Abyss' music (oops), and Sabin comes out and we're on!


...Sabin wins with the Cradle Shock, reversing out of a Destroyer. Great match.


...After the match, Matt Bentley (Michael Shane) comes out of the crowd and superkicks Sabin, grabs a mic, declares that while "some people thought I was bound to go Up North, the only place I'm bound for is Bound For Glory." He'll be in an Ultimate X match there, and superkicks Sabin again for good measure before leaving the ring.


...Jim Mitchell promo airs, and a video package for the match with Sabu. Mitchell and Abyss are in the ring, and Mitchell's wearing a lovely yellow suit. "You may be a hardcore icon, but not even you can withstand a collision with a six foot right, 350 pound weapon of mass destruction." He proposes a no DQ match and the lights go out ... and Sabu's there.


...Tons of tables, chairs, and TACKS. In fact, Abyss with the 1-2-3 after a Black Hole Slam on the tacks. Ew.


...Shane Douglas talks to Alex Shelley who doesn't know where his tag partner Sean Waltman is.


...Tenay and West talk about Chris Candido. Apparently his family is in attendance.


...Jeff Hardy gets Canadianized after Jarrett beats his ass with a hockey stick. Hardy remains strong here, needing Bobby Roode, Petey Williams and Jarrett to lose. Match was missing something, but not bad.


...Video package plays for the four-team tag title match, followed by Shane interviewing Jimmy Hart and The Naturals. Interrupted by AMW, of course. Man, these four look exactly the same. Team Canada (A1 and Eric Young) come out first, followed by Alex Shelley alone (as the camera pans over to Candido's family, since Waltman and Shelley won the Candido Tag Team Tournament to earn a spot in this match), AMW (James Storm and Chris Harris) and The Naturals (Natural Blonde and Natural Brounette).


...First elimination is Shelley, after he tags in Johnny Candido (Shelley sold forever, then Johnny came out of the crowd and begged for the tag from the apron) with Candido getting rolled up and pinned by Young. Eric Young rolls up and pins one of the AMWers after more hockeystickerference. Natural Brounette gets the pin on A1 after the Natural Disaster.


...Another Bound For Glory video package airs, with reminder that the first 30 minutes will be free. Tenay and West talk a little about how that's their BIG show, and there will be a fan fest, etc., that weekend.


...Douglas interviews Rhino who says that he'll win the Raven's Rules World Championship match and get what he's always wanted, after four years of wrestling hell and corporate asskissers.


...Looks like World Title is on next, with X Division main eventing, as a video package for Rhino/Raven shows. Bold move; smart move.


...Great, bloody, hardcore match with Raven going over with the Evenflow DDT on both Jarrett (yes, he interfered again, but Hardy stopped him) and then Rhino. Everyone left looking strong, and King of the Mountain at BFG is almost guaranteed at this point, based on the booking.


...Video package for YOUR main event: X Division Champ Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles.


...Joe comes out first, followed by AJ and the Champ. Borash does the formal main event-style announcements, and we're on!


...Slow, early build and the sense of a big match is definitely in the arena. Starts off with AJ and Joe trading stiff kicks to Daniels' back, one-upping each other. Early holy shit spot includes AJ doing a springboard shooting star press (what would Vince say?!) out of the ring onto both opponents. Later on, Samoa Joe reverses a rollup into a rear-naked choke, but before Daniels can tap out, AJ hits them both with a corkscrew off the top turnbuckle! Hot action and the crowd is super-into it with "this is awesome" chants. Daniels with an FU on Joe out of nowhere, and both Chris and AJ go outside trading reversals until Joe does a ROLL over the top rope onto both of them. Back in, and AJ and the Fallen Angel fight to the top rope, where Joe goes up and suplexes them both off. This is great, with AJ and Daniels making Joe look like a superstar. AJ and Joe trade slaps and punches, repeating a series that Joe and Daniels did early on. Musclebuster on Styles, but Daniels comes in with the belt before Joe can go in for the win. Ref is distracted as Joe fights over the belt, and Daniels hits a spinning heel kick on Joe, slamming the belt into his face. The ref is up, as are AJ and Daniels, who battle it out with some reversals and a close near-fall. Best Moonsault Ever onto Styles but Joe makes the save and it's Joe and Daniels battle it out. Dragon sleeper into an inverted swinging neckbreaker rolls Joe out of the ring, backflip off second rope from AJ onto Daniels into a DDT for TWO. Fans -- even the Hoytamaniacs -- are really into this and Daniels of course shuts them up by bitchslapping AJ. They're on top setting up a superplex and they're both knocked out as Joe crawls in. Tries to pin Daniels, TWO. Tries to pin AJ, TWO. Powerbomb from Joe onto Daniels and he kicks out, so Joe puts it into an STF, twisting his forearm across Daniels' face. Daniels breaks the hold with the ropes. And Styles is back up and in, PELE KICK~! on Joe. Torture rack into a flapjack on Joe for TWO. Daniels headbutts Styles down then bodyslamshim onto Joe. Joe in the corner on the floor and Daniels and AJ in the middle of the ring. Styles Clash, 1-2-JOE breaks it up. Joe throws Styles out of the ring, then Daniels dumps Joe out. Daniels in the ring and his two challengers on the floor giving the heel time to recover. Smart move and perfect timing for a few seconds' rest as the time hits 10:50 ET. AJ back up and they slug it out. Daniels gets the advantage with an eyerake. Angels Wings ... reversed by AJ into the northern lights suplex with a bridge, and gets the pin, 1-2-3!


Winner and NEW X Division Champ heading into TNA's debut on Spike TV: AJ Styles.


Daniels is upset, Joe is barely able to get himself up by grabbing the apron. And that's a wrap. Great match, decent show, but all anyone will remember is the main event, so good times.




Sounds like a good show if nothing else for the main event.


I wonder though, is there a reason Meltz didn't do a match by match PBP thread? He does them on every WWE show of course, and every MMA show he can find anywhere on Earth, but there's another US based wrestling company on PPV and he ignores it? Whatsupwitdat?

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