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Pro-Wrestling Super Show - The Wrestler Snapshot 5 - Chris Jericho (June 11, 2014)

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On this week’s episode of The Pro-Wrestling Super Show on The Place to be Nation, Steven Graham is joined by Pete (of Titans of Wrestling podcast) and Scott Criscuolo (of Place to be Podcast, Main Event podcast, and the Extra Point podcast).


Finally The Wrestler Snapshot has returned, now in audio form. The Wrestler Snapshot #5 focuses on Chris Jericho. The panel also answers the “Listener Question of the week” and gives their recommendations.

You can follow along at home, as the panel discusses these matches.

1) Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm (Ladder Match, 2/4/94)
2) Chris Jericho vs. Ultimo Dragon (WAR 7/7/95)*
3) Chris Jericho vs. Ultimo Dragon (WCW Bash at the Beach ’97)**
4) Chris Jericho vs. Christian (Ladder Match, WWE Unforgiven ’04)**
5) Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio (WWE The Bash ’09)**

* – as seen on the Chris Jericho WWE DVD release
** – as seen on the WWE Network

Remember to like, subscribe, rate and review on iTunes (if you want to) and to check out the PWSS on tumblr @ prowrestlingsupershow.tumblr.com.

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I had some audio trouble listening to this show but I put up with it because I thought it was an awesome topic! I really hope you do more of these because I think the Snapshot idea works much better in podcast form.


Billing Jericho from New York was an edict from Vince in 2004. Vince didn't want any babyfaces announced from foreign countries. I swear, I'm not making this up. Jericho was billed as "born in Manhasset, Long island." Chris Benoit was billed as "now residing in Atlanta, GA." It started at WrestleMania XX. Christian and Test were allowed to keep Toronto, Ontario Canada because they were heels. I'm pretty sure Edge kept Toronto despite being a babyface, I'm not sure if his heel turn was planned long-term though, so he may be an exception.

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Agreed. The Snapshot concept works well in audio form. Actually hoping you'll revisit Ray Traylor, Dustin Rhodes, Waltman, etc. in this form eventually. You could get some great shows centered around those guys, especially with the right panelists talking each of 'em up.


Also, there was a nagging static sound to everyone's voice for pretty much the whole show. I put up with it & endured though, 'cause I hold strong for my thugs. Err, I just dig the show. So yeah.


And yup. You're dead on about those hometowns getting switched up around '04 or so there, Chief. I have a little theory that Edge was made to keep his hometown billing of Toronto for the big SummerSlam PPV in August (hot off his return from neck surgery). Lines up with the time frame & makes sense as a small drawing card, with him playing the hometown boy. Plus, if you go back & look at the direction of their booking that summer, it CERTAINLY looked like they were trying to head into a Benoit/Edge match for SummerSlam.


The pieces were in place for it and positioned to LOOK that way, if nothing else. Benoit & Edge were tag partners. They had a few miscommunication spots to drop the belts to La Resistance. Edge was slicing through Evolution & picked up the IC belt along the way. The fans eventually rejected Edge's babyface shtick though, and I think THAT is when WWE panicked and put Orton into that slot instead.


Before the Vengeance match between Orton and Edge (with the crowd chants of "Randy" ringing out increasingly louder & louder, and Edge getting booed nonstop), I think we were on track to seeing an Edge/Benoit main event in Canada that year though. But they hotshot the Orton push, pinned Edge firmly in the mid-card, and then worked their way into a heel turn for him that autumn.

Oh, and once Christian legitimately moved to Florida, they were all over that. Couldn't wait to let the world know, hey. This guy's from Tampa. Even though, ya know. He's not.

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Sorry about the audio issues, but I am glad people enjoyed the concept. Especially since I plan to re-visit it a lot.


An episode on Chris Adams with Dylan and Jason Mann (of Wrestlespective) is on tap for two weeks from now. Next week is the promised COTC show with Johnny & Will. So, some good stuff on the horizon.

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