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Oh that wacky Jarrett...


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Jeff Jarrett has heat with Ron Killings, Sean Waltman and Konnan. In particular, he told 3LK that the long term plan was to break them up, with the New Age Outlaws re-forming, and Konnan, Apolo and Shocker being packaged as a Latin stable.


Konnan instead wanted Homicide from ROH to be brought into the group, and also thought it didn't make sense to break he and Killings up at that time, which led to an argument where Jeff supposedly called Killings an "uppity Negro," which in the past he's said jokingly with Ron being okay with it, but in this context things almost got ugly.


Killings and Jarrett argued, with Ron suggesting he then team with Jeff Hardy, and Jarrett saying on a 45 minute show, they can't feature everyone. Konnan at one point threatened to quit.



Sheesh. This is the guy TNA's relying on to carry the ball on national TV?


Reading this, my mind formed a vision of JJ and Killings doing the Chevy Chase-Richard Pryor SNL skit, with Killings replying to JJ by saying "DEAD [email protected]!"

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