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Unforgiven Fallout:


--- Ric Flair, at age 56, broke Vince McMahon's record as the oldest champion in company history when he won the IC title.


--- This was the first WWF/E PPV ever held in Oklahoma.


--- The show drew 8,000 fans for $485,000.


--- The last Heat aired on this night with Tajiri-Rob Conway being the answer to what was the last live match ever shown on Heat.


Star Ratings:

Ric Flair vs. Carlito **

Ashley & Trish Stratus vs. Victoria & Torrie Wilson *1/2

Big Show vs. Gene Snitsky 1/2*

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White **1/4

Matt Hardy vs. Edge ****1/4

Cade & Murdoch vs. Hurricane & Rosey *1/4

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters ***

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena ***




Ultimate Fighter Hero!


---Melvin Guillard was trapped in New Orleans during the Katrina disaster.

* He stayed because his fiancee was forced to stay in town with the sheriff's dept.

* While water was rising, Melvin pieced together makeshift rafts of housing debris to help transport people to higher ground.

*With 90 people stuck where he was at, he stole a water company truck and brought bottled water to people.

*He also broke into a convenience strore to get water and food for about 600 people who ended up stranded on the bridge where they were staying.

* At one point, Melvin saw an old man who was dying and needed insulin. After looking for some help, and failing, Melvin returned but the man was sead.

*When UFC officials found out abut his story, they took him to Las Vegas for housing but he has since moved to Houston (damn, from one hurricane to another)




New Japan, Lesnar and the Tokyo Dome Show


--- The NJ offices are trying to bill the show as Team Inoki vs. team Former WWE


--- It has been officially announced as Kauyuki Fujita vs. Masa Chono vs. Brock Lesnar. Meltz is waiting to see what WWE's legal response will be.


Other matches announced:

- Yuji Nagata vs. Matt Morgan

- Manubu Nakanishi & Kendo Jashin vs. Mark Jindrak & Charlie Haas

- Tiger Mask vs. Black Tiger (Rocky Romero)


--- Simon Inoki said this show would be broadcast in the U.S. because of Lesnar. Still, at this late date and the lead time needed, a U.S. PPV is unlikely.


--- Even with Lesnar announced, tickets are not selling well. As of 9/21, only 6500 seats have been sold for a dome show.


--- Inoki is also considering havin Jesse Ventura come in as Lesnar's manager. Most media in Japan aren't even looking at this as a real story and see it as Inoki talking out his ass.

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--- Ric Flair, at age 56, broke Vince McMahon's record as the oldest champion in company history when he won the IC title.

I hate to drudge up old memories, but Moolah has this beat by a longshot. She was in her early 60s even when she lost the womens' title to Wendi Richter, and it was a legit title then.

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Ok, Meltz even mentioned this and I should have edited it... MALE champion.


His exact words...


The show, also featured Ric Flair, at age 56, breaking Vince McMahon's record for being the oldest male champion in company history. Moolah was probably well past 100, okay, nearly 75, the last time she won the woman's title in 1999.

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