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Funny snippet from a WWE houseshow report


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Batista beat Eddie Guerrero and Randy Orton in a triple threat match (Batista Bomb on Orton). About a minute into the match, some loser in a mask jumped the barrier just to our left (Orton was just thrown out right in front of us) and tried to attack Orton. The road agent at ringside) tried to restrain the guy, Orton started stomping the guy HARD. The staff pro guys asked the road agent if this was part of the show and he yelled, "No, come help." The WWE security man, Tony Chimel, Taylor and Staff Pro(?) restrained the very combative guy and eventually gave him to Bakersfield PD officers. Orton got a good pop for stomping the guy.



LOL @ needing 3 guys and Orton stomping on him to get the guy into police custody.

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