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General thoughts on 1999

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Something to say about January 1999. There may not have been a ***** classic but I can’t recall a month with this much diversity.


New Japan Tokyo Dome spectacle

All Japan bomb throwing tag and singles match

All Japan undercard match at Budokan that is legitimately good

Michinoku Pro works a southern style tag and a lucharesu trios match

Toryumon debuts with a too long, but still pretty amusing trios elimination match

WWF brings the goods with the Austin/McMahon feud

WCW dives head first into the shallow end of the pool

Arison brings a unique take on women’s wrestling

RINGS continues to move toward all shoots but still puts out the best worked shoot stuff (Tamura vs. Kohsaka from 1/23 which is a definite addendum candidate)

OMEGA produces a true MOTYC (rare in the US in 1999, even rarer on the US Indies)

BattlArts has an excellent tag (which will be topped in November if I remember correctly)


The diversity is phenomenal.

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