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Where do we go from here?

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This project of yours has been truly fascinating for me as a new guy to this forum.


I am currently doing something similar on a much smaller scale with wwf in the 1980s.. so i would like to thank you for the time you have dedicated to this loss it has been truly compelling and informative.



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Here is the schedule I set for myself in 2015.


Sunday: Other TV/Movies, etc... & Current Wrestling
Monday: Minis Wrestling
Tuesday: Greatest Wrestler Ever Viewing
Wednesday: Yearbook Viewing
Thursday: Podcast Viewing
Friday: 80's Project Viewing
Saturday: Comics Reading

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So here we are, about one month shy of four years from the time I started watching 1996. I have now viewed over 1200 hours of footage from 1990-1999.


My full attention from here forward will go toward completing the e-book, which includes lots of writing and watching a decent chunk of supplemental footage that I've identified. After I get fully in the swing of writing again, I'll have a better estimate of when the e-book will be released.


In the meantime, be on the lookout for:


- My Top 500 Matches of the 1990s countdown, starting at 500 and going all the way to number 1

- A new podcast series devoted to 1990s wrestling on a global scale, which will tackle a month at a time, starting with January 1990

- A 1990s wrestling blog, which will contain notes on supplemental matches and my thoughts on any 90s wrestling items that hit the wrestling news cycle (examples: Sting DVD release, Monday Night Wars series on the Network, library purchases and shoot interviews talking about the time period)


I credit this project for restoring my interest in wrestling, which was pretty low for about three years after Chris Benoit murdered his family. If you haven't made the trek through all of this, I encourage you to do so. You probably don't have to be as militant as I was, to the point that you give up watching just about anything else. But doing so is a great way to expose yourself (no, not like that!) to new footage and styles and also to remember why we all love this stuff so much, warts and all.


A podcast for each month of each year of the 90's?


Color me downloading and listening to EVERY ONE of them….that is fuckin awesome..


Man, I picked a great time to get back into the sport I love so much…..after a long 10 months off...

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