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[1996-06-16-GAEA-Gold Rush] Chigusa Nagayo & Makie Numao vs Toshiyo Yamada & Meiko Satomura

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This was *really* good while it lasted, but even at 17 minutes this felt like it ended just as it got going. Yeah, I'm criticizing a joshi match for not being long enough--go figure. There's a whole lot of kicking going on here--that's Yamada's game of course, but Nagayo and Satomura aren't afraid to kick some motherfuckers' teeth in, either. And Satomura continues to show off all the different ways she can apply armbars. And there's something infectious about the way she flails her arms whenever she runs across the ring. Numao basically was an overmatched junior partner who pulled a rollup and win at the end, which would have had more impact with better build.

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