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[1996-11-16-GAEA-Big Target] Akira Hokuto vs Meiko Satomura

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The joshi version of 1-2-3 Kid vs. Bret Hart. Satomura is outsized, out-experienced, and all-around overmatched, but she makes a good showing of herself and is as full of energy as you'd expect. Hokuto gives her about the right amount of offense, and also does some cheap heel tactics (biting and choking) which sort of puts her over in their own right, that Hokuto has to resort to that sort of thing. Satomura hits a great DVD for a hot near-fall but that's the last bullet in her chamber. No real surprises here, but having really liked the Satomura I've seen this was a match listing that jumped out at me and it lived up to expectations.

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