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[1990-08-11-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Dirty White Boy, Dirty White Girl & Eddie Gilbert


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I've jumped the gun on starting topics before, but I think this is one we missed.


This in Eddie and DWB's answer to the Lawler/Dundee promo earlier. Eddie claims that Sam Lowe is his friend, and that the coffee that Anthony threw in his face a couple of weeks ago was cold. He then offers his services as a peacemaker in the Middle East, since his plans always come to pass. Then we get a decent promo from Kim about the stripping match the following Monday with Tessa.


Eddie may be the one Memphis heel who can go word for word with Lawler, and Kim's not the worst promo in the world either; she's much better than Tony at this point, in fact. I just wish that the stripping hadn't been teased so often, because I'm really getting tired of it being promised and not delivered. I'm not a big fan of stripping angles to start with, but if you promise one for weeks and weeks, you eventually have to go through with it. Let's hope this is the week.



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Tony Anthony, Eddie Gilbert and the Dirty White Girl are out for an interview with Dave Brown. The Dirty White Boy says that If Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee want a stretcher match that’s fine, because it means that after they’ve beaten them to a pulp they can be put on a stretcher and taken right out of there. Gilbert says that if George Bush had any sense at all he’d get on his phone, call the studio and ask ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert to put together a plane to save Kuwait from Iraq! Sam Lowe did what he did for him out of loyalty and out of friendship…oh, and that coffee was cold! He is his friend! This week it’s a stretcher match and it only ends when one man is carried out of there on a stretcher. He knows that he is Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee’s idol and that they look up to him, but he wants the Dirty White Girl to make him a promise and that when Tessa leaves the ring he wants to see her bare naked. The White Girl tells Tessa Ray that she didn’t get the name the Dirty White Girl by sipping tea with old women, she got it by taking care of bimbos like her! She’s got her street fighting clothes for the ‘back alley street brawl’ and doesn’t care if it takes chairs, baseball bats, shoes or whatever, she’s going to take Tessa’s dog face, put it in the mat and kick her in that fat butt one more time and plans on walking out the winner!


Don’t know what has gotten into the Dirty White Girl, but one of the best promos I’ve heard from her.

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I was pretty shocked as well. Both women delivered on promos this week in ways they haven't before. That stripping match is almost something I'd want to see based on hearing the promos. Not that I would guess it's going to be worth anyone's while, but the buildup is really good.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-11-USWA-Memphis TV] Interview: Dirty White Boy, Dirty White Girl & Eddie Gilbert

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