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Kenta Kobahsi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi


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So in adding the Japanese tag teams, I totally thought I added these guys but I didn't. Boo me.


They really only teamed for about a year, but they had the tremendous Jumbo/Taue tag from 1/26/92 and the 5/25/92 Classico. Kikuchi as face in peril is one of the best things in wrestling and he really shined here. I feel this was where Kobashi showed he could hang with the top tier, and then with the unfortunate Jumbo issue, he seemed well prepared come 1993. I'm gonna have some difficult decisions to make when it comes to tag teams, but man alive, I would surprise the hell out of myself if I don't see them on my list.


EDIT: I DID nominate these guys. I blame my massive sunburn.

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