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The Briscoe Brothers


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  • 2 years later...

Fortunately, the Briscoes have been loyal to ROH for most of their career and a good sample of their matches and more is available on ROH's YouTube. Here's a compare and contrast:


The Briscoes vs Samoa Joe & AJ Styles 11/28/03:



Recommended match that shows the Bros. looking very different from what most fans came to know. The guys were very young but, very very solid especially considering what ROH's tag pool looked like at the time.


A more contemporary version of the above match:


The Briscoes vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Kazuchika Okada 5/12/15


Here their characters and styles are well defined as vets/lynchpins of the company. Less about looking similar and more about Jay the hard nosed talent & Mark the Redneck wild man. I mean its fun when Nakamura and Mark first get in the ring together :)


Anyhow, definitely a team I'd like to take a deeper look at here.

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Digging through the old review grooveyard today. Found a couple Briscoe Bros. matches...


Kevin Steen/El Generico vs. The Briscoe Brothers ROH Tag Title 2/3 Falls 8/25/07:

"Excellent match full of crazy spots and with nice counter sequences too. Really, talk about monster jam...there must have been a half dozen "Oh shit!" moments here. Straight exciting indy tag wrestling without out all of the goofy kick-out of a hundred finishers that look like they'd put the entire 1997 AJPW roster in the hospital. The whole match was go-go throughout & never did it seem like too much. And another thing! The execution was rather crisp, not NJPW Jr. crisp, but damn close...none of that Indy sloppiness...really it's a wonder these guys aren't big stars...except they probably wouldn't sell many T-shirts."


Well, now they are :P


The Briscoe Brothers vs. Naruki Doi/SHINGO ROH Tag Title 3/2007:

"This was another crazy Briscoe affair that was very good when momentum wasn't being killed by a miscue or slight mistake. Still it was a really Toyota style match with no real selling but fantastically entertaining full of "oh shit!" moments including SHINGO catching the one brother mid air with a lariat that would make Kensuke Sasaki proud. Also the finish has an awesomely devastating Fisherman Driver thingy!"

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I think what makes the Briscoes such a stellar team is the characters they've created. Sure they're brothers but, eh so are the Malenkos. Don't get me wrong I loves me some Malenkos but, its just not enough.


The redneck gimmick is fantastic but, it certainly needed updating. It would be easy to be a redneck like Dick Murdoch in 2006. It would come across as caricature though. Like doing the NASCAR stuff in WCW...it reaches a certain audience but, it seems inauthentic.


Their early stuff doesn't play it up but, as soon as they beefed up, covered in tattoos, wearing stars & bars trunks and playing Skynard-shit felt real. Hillbilly gangstas if you will. Couldn't find any older stand alone promos but, I enjoy these two.


The Briscoes welcome ROH's new day promo (2011)



The Best vs The Baddest - The Addiction vs The Briscoes This Weekend! #SOTF14 promo (2014)


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Finally got around to watching this dream match


The Hardyz vs The Briscoes - Omega 04/26/14



Briscoes working a brawling, cheating, heel style here. Not clear cut villains as I'm guessing they are as popular in NC as anywhere but, against the hometown Boyz, they are the villains. Goes to a 2 on 1 beat down with Briscoes clearly in control but, never so much that you think the remaining Hardy is completely out of it. That shows real restraint and a sense of the crowd.


I think from the matches I've gone through, its clear that their biggest strengths as a team is adaptability and versatility. They adjusted their styles, characters, and work to match the trends, promotion, and opponents. Its a testament that they could be considered one of the best teams for a 10 year span.

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