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[1999-05-09-WCW-Slamboree] Gorgeous George vs Charles Robinson

Superstar Sleeze

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Gorgeous George vs Lil' Naitch - WCW Slamboree 1999


I am legitimately shocked this did not make the 1999 yearbook. This is one of my all-time favorite comedy matches and I enjoyed the most perhaps last night. Gorgeous George actually is pretty athletic, coordinated, willing to work a crowd and tried pretty damn hard. If she came along now, given that she would be undersized compared to a Paige or Charlotte, I could see her a very good underdog babyface. She is certainly better than AJ at things like running so I can't see why she would not do well. Charles Robinson is fucking awesome in this role. As Ric Flair's mini-me, telling Gorgeous George he was going to buy her a pack of gum to defeat her because we all know bimbos can't walk and chew gum at the same time was great and then saying he was going to take her Space Mountain was hilarious. Macho Man looked like he was ready to laugh and Gorgeous George sold it so well. The actual match itself is the greatest possible RIc Flair tribute/parody matches in history. The hollering from the wristlocks immediately lets you know where they are going. Robinson/George work more holds in this match than pretty much any wrestlers do now and it is not bad at all. George and Robinson put together a really nice snapmare. Robinson decks Molly Holly and then bodyslams her on the floor. Savage is hilarious letting people know she is hurt. Robinson does the Flair shoving the ref spot. Oh my God, Robinson's strut is so bad it is hilarious. Robinson with lots of choking and we trade chops in the corner. Flair Flip! Lil Naitch ducks the clothesline, up top and slammed down. Flair Flop! The Real Nature Boy sells this huge! Asya grabs a hold of Gorgeous George and works the leg. Now we go to school, awesome kneecrusher and Figure-4. Great selling in the figure-4 by both of them! George reverses the pressure here come the big guns. Savage slams Robinson and Gorgeous George hits a middle rope elbow. Robinson was hilarious throughout the match and Gorgeous George showed great effort. Awesome comedy match. ***

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I don't know if I liked this as much as Sleeze but I'm definitely not sorry I checked it out. George is very game but Robinson actually looks like an honest-to-God wrestler in there. All the Flair tribute spots are there, of course, but Robinson executes the basics at least as well as Jim Cornette did. I think I'd pay to see Robinson work a match against Mark Curtis.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1999-05-09-WCW-Slamboree] Gorgeous George vs Charles Robinson

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