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[2001-03-18-WCW-Greed] Scott Steiner vs DDP

Superstar Sleeze

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WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner vs Diamond Dallas Page - WCW Greed


My main man, DDP, looks to give one last stellar performance on WCW's last ever PPV main event, but it just was not to be. DDP's magic of 1997-1999 has faded and it looks like Father Time has finally caught up to him. He was still one helluva promo as showcased in the pre-match hype video. Where he explains he is the last of the WCW standard-bearers and that no matter how brutal the attacks have been he still has the great equalizer, the Diamond Cutter. He could talk the talk, but he just couldn't walk the walk. The punches did not have the same zip and his step did not have the same pep. I love the Scotty Steiner character at this point as a totally despicable, vile human. I was hoping this would be a great Steiner match to add to his resume. It is too bad they did not turn Steiner earlier in his career. He was actually a pretty good bumper and stooge for babyfaces in addition to being violent. There were still some fun DDP spots early like his excellent flying clothesline, but then we descended into guardrail whips and obviously planted crutches and Paul London as a fan that Scotty Steiner badmouths. I actually liked the finish stretch though as DDP gave it one last burst of the old DDP. After the bearhug and suplexes, DDP had a great string on offense. I really liked the quick knee lift into a DDT. Steiner hit a nasty back elbow at on point. Shit is starting to heat up. Of course, we get some trademark DDP like the floatover DDT. He signals for the Diamond Cutter! BANG! I get why that went with Booker, but damn, the love I have built up for DDP, I really wish he was the last WCW champion and that was the finish. Instead, Rick Fucking Steiner pulls the ref out. I don't think I have ever seen Rick Steiner without his earguards. It is so weird. Anyways, they prolong the inevitable with some fun drama with weapons and submissions moves, but DDP passes out to the Steiner Recliner. Steiner puts out yet another WCW babyface legend. Steiner buries DDP in a Michigan flag! GO BLUE! I wish we were good at enough football when I went there to pull shit like that. It is a decent match, but really not worth seeing it besides for the novel value of being the last WCW PPV main event. Disappointing more than anything for me.

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