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[1996-04-13-WCW-Saturday Night] Steven Regal vs Fit Finlay

Superstar Sleeze

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Steven Regal vs Fit Finlay - WCW Saturday Night 4/13/96


Coming out of the violent Uncensored match where Regal's nose was demolished, Regal felt like the more sympathetic character and I feel like they played that up with him being more of a babyface here. He takes the match to Finlay early and it looks like he may trying to go for a nose for a nose with those nasty palm strikes. Finlay actually begs off before he gets a vicious elbow to the nose and he looks to keep grounded. He misses an elbow and Regal pounces with a double wristlock. It does not last long as Finlay gets a nasty thumb to eye and a wicked headbutt. Finlay looks to take Regal's arm off and beat him with it. The Blue Bloods come out to bail out Regal. I did not like the finish. Regal is a much better face than Finlay, but Finlay was over. I liked Regal as the fired up babyface and the finish just felt totally out of place. It even seemed the way Regal reacted that they may be teasing a face turn. Good set up for more matches. ***

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The week before this, Regal gives one of the best promos I've ever heard:

MEAN GENE: Joining me at this time, and he looks a little worse for wear, Lord Steven Regal. After what happened at Uncensored, I get the distinct impression you have some unfinished business with Fit Finlay, the Belfast Bruiser.

REGAL: Some call it a fight, I call it a war of epic proportions, and it's not over. It can never, ever be over, and you know why? I will tell you peasantly people why, because I know what goes around in Fit Finlay's emerald green mind, and it's certainly not anything in my favor. He cannot finish this until my demise. Well, nourish your hopes, Mr. Finlay. But get reality into your brain, because I'm going nowhere, sunshine!

Last week he ambushed me, fracturing my cheek and putting twelve stitches in my eye. Two weeks ago he broke my nose at Uncensored. Now, brutality and violence are not something that enchant my soul, but when it comes to you, Finlay, I bloody well thrive on it! Next week on this show, I want one more battle. And I'm going to show the wrestling world, as I take Fit Finlay from the endangered species right to the bloody extinction list--it will horrify some, give many nightmares, but it will satisfy my soul! And through all this, I've got no grievance, because I have something firing me inside, and it's revenge! And a vengeful man is one to be watched.

Next week on this show, Finlay, I want you one more time. (Gene harrumphs) And don't interrupt me, it's too serious. It's going to be one that this world will never, ever forget.

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