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  1. A feeling of very real unease permeates the aftermath. They act like they just saw a tornado hit. Tony leaving to check on Bischoff and forcing Dusty to fill over a minute, lengthy silence after Dusty accidentally throws to Dave Penzer and then Michael Buffer, Luger stopping his entrance to check on Bischoff after many months of being portrayed as a self-centered jerk who loved entrances, all very effective moments.
  2. PhilTLL

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    It's bizarre that he would even claim this, knowing that the people who would care the most about the fact are also the best-equipped to disprove it.
  3. I don't really understand why you'd have McMichael take such a beating from two guys he's about to join. It would have made more sense to have Greene take the heat, then hit the hot tag to McMichael, have him take the clip shot and tag out, then work the rest of the match the same.
  4. Look at the adjective. PLAY. Still one of my favorite quotes, but it's amazing Nash was able to recover from that. Marge Schott was a notorious racist who a month earlier had said Hitler "was good in the beginning, but went too far."
  5. PhilTLL

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Apologies, it's "BadCOVID19Takes". https://twitter.com/BadCOVID19Takes/status/1387859822817726464?s=19
  6. PhilTLL

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Xia Brookside's nonsense just hit the "BadCOVIDTakes" Twitter account, which has quite a few scientist and journalist followers.
  7. PhilTLL

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    If Mirrors Aren't Real, How Can Our Eyes Be Real? I thought the SpONGEBOB MOcKINg texT was only used for mockery these days.
  8. PhilTLL

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    This I like. It wouldn't be pro wrestling if a bunch of people weren't trying to work each other.
  9. This all fits in the (my) long-held theory that WWE corporate works heel as a form of meta- or post-kayfabe. Maybe just instinctually.
  10. I would bet in the Thunderdome era, there is something like a regular clubhouse.
  11. That's certainly fine. I don't mean to say that should be a standard practice or anything. And I'd never argue with the idea of working up the hardcores when you want to get good indie bookings. (Or an AEW contract.)
  12. Yeah it's not a great look! But for all we know there are a bunch of little bubble envelopes with lovingly wrapped knick knacks inside that trash bag, or it could be a bunch of smelly ring gear. And for that matter, we have no idea how any guy's stuff has been treated. But there's really no right way to fire somebody, especially if you're WWE. I promise they could have done this with a singing telegram and a giant severance check and people would still be complaining.
  13. I mean I get it, this certainly isn't their finest moment, and Twitter loves to eat this shit up. But what are they supposed to send it in, a gift box? A Halliburton briefcase? A little coffin? Maybe they could make it play "The Way We Were" and "Happy Trails" when she opens it. If you took it to FedEx and had a packaging professional do it, I'm pretty sure they'd put it into a plastic bag inside of a cardboard box, too.
  14. PhilTLL

    Footage that Exists

    Somebody dropped a few of them on xwt-c in this past year.
  15. PhilTLL

    Bret Hart

    They don't have automated tools to search for copyright violations on fan cams. Everything that's ever been officially released is in that database, pretty much. I recently got an advisory on an upload from a WCWSN episode that hasn't aired in 25 years.