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  1. PhilTLL

    Best match you ever saw live in person?

    This drew a complete blank for me, so if it did for you too, it's the Verizon Center/Capital One Arena in DC. Home of the Caps and Wizards.
  2. PhilTLL

    Best match you ever saw live in person?

    I've only seen like 6-7 live wrestling shows in my life. Easily the best and most heated match was this one. In fact, nothing else is even in the ballpark.
  3. PhilTLL

    WWE Network... It's Here

    It definitely infuriated the hardcore fans, and they were a much better leading indicator for the casual fans back then. (Such that the dichotomy exists anymore.)
  4. PhilTLL

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Bret's "bullfighter outsmarts the bull" handling of Goldberg would have made it much more interesting than what we got, too. Of course in reality, Bret was already injured when he actually did his Goldberg angle, took extra time off after Owen died, and they had a completely different plan to put him on top by the time he got back.
  5. PhilTLL

    [1988-07-10-NWA-Great American Bash '88] Ric Flair vs Lex Luger

    This is absolutely on par with their other pay-per-view matches until the much lamented finish. I'm not sure how many times Luger had even bladed in his career before this. I could also see him being the type to absolutely refuse getting bladed by another guy, not that I could blame him for that.
  6. Hey now, I would put "Jam-Up Guy" Bret against any comedy act in wrestling.
  7. The show occurred on the 29th (per ticket stubs) and the US broadcast occurred on the 31st (print and TV ads).
  8. PhilTLL

    RIP Danny Hodge

    The Daily Oklahoman, May 6 and 8, 1971. This sellout was after Hodge's prime, when this same match sold out the somewhat larger (5500-6000) Stockyards Coliseum. The '70s were a down period for OKC wrestling, and they seldom worked the largest buildings in the city again until the Watts era.
  9. PhilTLL

    R.I.P. Jon Huber (Brodie Lee/Luke Harper)

    This is what they call "concern trolling". You are making a show of concern that other people are not being respectful to your standards, instead of just letting them cope how they want to. Yes, even Stephanie McMahon deserves that, and so do the million other people using that hashtag tonight. They're not being disrespectful, they're using the medium of their times to share real feelings, maybe even using emojis and slang and hashtags.
  10. PhilTLL

    R.I.P. Jon Huber (Brodie Lee/Luke Harper)

    Wow, I can't believe people use Twitter parlance when they're on Twitter. It has nothing to do with corporate, it's so people can commiserate by reading the other tweets that use the hashtag. If somebody would say that to your face in real life, well, they'd probably have some kind of disorder. FOH with this.
  11. Indiana has gone to their full reopening phase. I think that includes fully attended live events. They should just run it as a loop for a while. And by should, I mean all of this is absurd and terrible.
  12. This has a truly exemplary Ric Flair City List: "Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Charlotte, Greensboro, St. Louis, Tokyo, Barcelona." Also: "Tag who you wanna tag, I'll tag myself, I'm Ric Flair."
  13. PhilTLL

    R.I.P. Kamala (James Harris)

    James Harris suffered numerous chronic health insults in his later years, including amputations on both legs related to diabetes. It's good that he's released from that. COVID is sadly brutal on the chronically ill. He developed the Kamala character with Lawler and Jarrett when he arrived in Memphis in 1982, including the "steamy jungle" vignette that followed him around the country. Andre/Kamala drew in multiple territories, including a Mid-South run that culminated in a 21,000 show at the Superdome in April '83, with Freebirds/Von Erichs and JYD/Olympia. Kamala worked around the country with Hogan in 1986-87, and of course his 1992 feud with Undertaker debuted the casket match, at least in the WWF. He was also in one of the pinnacles of wrestling schlock, the Dungeon of Doom in 1995 WCW.
  14. God bless Ric Flair and his Starrcade 95 title win, but how in the world do you not transition this finish into a Hogan/Savage face(?) vs face(?) main event the next month? It seems like a no-brainer.