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WWE Extreme Rules Reaction w/ DylanWaco (STR 79)

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Shake Them Ropes

April 27, 2015
Episode 79


Guest: Dylan Hales (@DylanWaco)




Happy WWE Extreme Rules Day! Rob & Jeff are joined by Dylan Hales (@DylanWaco) of Wrestling Culture to discuss the results, stories, and fallout from WWE Extreme Rules. We'll talk potential main events for WWE Payback, whether or not this up and comer Kane will ever win the World Title, and Dylan's love for southern indies. One of those things is not like the other. Plus, a housekeeping note on Shake Them Ropes on YouTube.

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Harper being the rat king sounds especially tremendous. If they're going to keep doing comedy shtick with Ambrose, then just have him lose in the finals with the added stipulation that the runner-up serves as the tourney winner's "serf' or "jester" this year. Then just pair 'em up as this year's new Team Hell No. You'd think WWE would be drooling over the idea of an act getting that hot again.


Oh. And I caught myself waiting there for a full-on "scientology gimmick" pitch from Dylan. /=

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