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  1. jushin muta liger

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Observer Hall of Fame issue comes out tonight and five people only got in. https://twitter.com/davemeltzerWON/status/1326949903226920960
  2. jushin muta liger

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Hey everyone, especially to the WON HOF Voters, Detlef from the VOW Discord and myself are collecting HOF ballots similar to what writers do with the Baseball HOF ballots to track who is potentially going into the HOF this year. If you are an Observer HOF voter and do not mind having your ballot public, you can PM me your ballot. If you want to be anonymous but still have your ballot public, that is totally fine. We have over 20 ballots already as many voters have either revealed their ballots already or through PM/DM.
  3. jushin muta liger

    Hana Kimura passes away

    Here are more details around Hana's passing from Kyodo News. I put the spoilers on the story as a warning because it can be disturbing for some. For me personally, it has hit me hard and it's been hard for me to express it on twitter, discord and group chats. So I figured going back to the forums to write it. With Hana, I've seen her entire career and even knew about her before she even started wrestling when she was a ring card girl and a model. She just had a star aura and presence about her that couldn't be replicated. It wasn't just her looks but it was the charisma in the ring either playing heel or babyface. Whether it was her in Oedo Tai, The I Love Ribera Steakhouse Cheeleader gimmick, her being wild in her brief stint in Mexico, the cybergoth gimmick with braids when she came back from Mexico to what she evolved to the present being the leader of TCS; she always had your attention. I know everybody is shocked that she was only 22 but she did a lot inside the 4 years of wrestling career. Wrestling in MSG and the Tokyo Dome, being a main eventer, being a hit reality TV show, being a product endorser (G-Shock watches, etc) is something that most wrestlers haven't done their entire career. And she did it in 4 years. I think that gets lost with the news coverage that she was on the verge of being a superstar. With the reality show, I thought she was either going to become a mainstream celebrity, draw big money houses for Stardom, possibly leave wrestling for acting or even come to WWE for big money. She was that type of star in the making. I would never imagine that the reality show would lead to her being gone forever. I've seen people talk about J-Pop and K-Pop idol stars succumbing to the same thing and it's just heartbreaking. I was legit worried about Stardom amping up their idol image but I would never expect the damn reality show to be her downfall. This ranks up with Eddie, Owen, and begrudgingly Benoit with wrestler passings in terms of the hurt I've felt. However, this eerily reminds me of the late R&B singer Aaliyah when she passed away at 22 as well. The cause of death wasn't the same at all but the shock of the death, outpouring love from fans and colleagues, and the career trajectory were similar. Aaliyah was a superstar but she on track to be global superstar with doing movies and such. Also, people didn't have bad things to say about her and it's been the same with Hana. Other than the report in the Observer last year about not agreeing certain finishes in ROH (which people ridiculed and piled on Meltzer ironically), she seemed to very well liked throughout the wrestling world. It seemed like she had a light up the room type of quality about her and I know a lot of English speaking fans said she was one of the nicest wrestlers they have ever met which is rare for a star. I know Aaliyah has inspired a lot of pop and R&B acts after her and I think the same will happen with Hana in terms of wrestling. She had a budding female fan base that looked up to her because she was a tough, independent and feminine woman. Rovert mentioned before that Stardom seemed to be the new World Class and it's starting to feel that way honestly. Ever step they take forward, they knocked back twice and it's unfortunate. I pray for Kyoko, her stepdad Isao Kobayashi, her grandmother, Jungle Kyona (who was supposedly at the scene), her friends and her fans that they can heal properly because this was a big loss.
  4. jushin muta liger

    Current Joshi Talk

    Bumping this thread cause a lot has changed since the summer. Arisa Nakajima vs Nanae Takahashi hair vs hair match is the Joshi MOTY, imo. Urge everyone to check it out. https://youtu.be/ha88PB4hLQw
  5. jushin muta liger

    2019 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Here are some public ballots I found via twitter, a lot of these people part of the board. https://twitter.com/br26/status/1185281658653532160 https://twitter.com/GreatBrianLast/status/1185992204231282694 https://twitter.com/GAtsaves/status/1186613245450301440 https://twitter.com/allan_cheapshot/status/1185847184979382272 https://twitter.com/DylanWaco/status/1186017236290625537 https://twitter.com/RyanClingman/status/1185171740990812160 https://twitter.com/wrestlenomics/status/1186130488030687232 https://twitter.com/voiceswrestling/status/1185799322086105089 https://twitter.com/voiceswrestling/status/1185893999548211201 https://twitter.com/therealfredo/status/1184875755307597825?s=21 https://twitter.com/joegagne/status/1184867947803750400?s=21 https://twitter.com/hamlin37/status/1179132220017201153
  6. jushin muta liger

    2019 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    I've been scraping attendance numbers from WrestlingData and eventually I put up with what I found but she doesn't look like a big draw per say but a difference maker whenever a company needed a boost. That 2000s Japan era was down as a whole and now we're seeing the effects of it in terms of talking about how workers stack up in a historical sense whether it's Satomura, Akiyama, Nagata, etc. I lean towards her being a work candidate which should be enough as she's in the discussion of whether she's the greatest women's wrestler of all time. Only other ones that I can think of that would have claims to that are Jaguar, Toyota, Bull, Aja, Devil, Hokuto and Chigusa - all of them are the Observer Hall of Fame. I think Tim's point of Meiko working more obscure promotions are valid as Dave stopped covering joshi once everybody splintered off into their own promotions but your point about the European fanbase is valid too. As more younger Europeans get more ballots, I think they will see her as a legend type not just cause her recent stuff but also seeing her on The Wrestling Channel as a lot of her high profile matches in GAEA used to be shown there. Plus the Mae Young Classic run helped a lot too as the WWE fans got to see her the first time and she might have another run with them too.
  7. jushin muta liger

    2019 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Since I didn't see any discussion here for it, I wanted to make a thread about this year's Hall of Fame ballot for people who actually care about it and ballots are due on October 20th. As a joshi fan, I'm happy and surprised that Meiko Satomura is finally on the ballot and maybe opens up for other workers like Kyoko Inoue to maybe get on the ballot. Here is the ballot for people that haven't seen it. I basically took this from Steve Yohe's post Wrestling Classics.
  8. jushin muta liger

    Joshi Wrestling Dates Back to The 1930s

    Looks like you're right in terms of Sumo. Here's a follow up from Juan
  9. jushin muta liger

    Joshi Wrestling Dates Back to The 1930s

    Found out this morning that Joshi might have started way before the 1950s. Juan Nunez from Reddit found this out.
  10. jushin muta liger

    Current Joshi Talk

    I implore everybody to go watch the new Sead show that aired on Samurai TV. It's the opening round of their single's title tournament and every tournament match delivers. Nanae vs Hiroyo might be my joshi MOTY. I just love that it was just hoss fights up and down this show. Also Ayako Hamada did an interview with Mas Lucha tv and it's on Youtube now. She's back in Mexico but didn't talk about the drug arrest. She's hinting towards wrestling again but only in Mexico now. The interview goes around 50 minutes but a lot of luchadores like Ricky Marvin, Lady Shani, Martha Villalobos came throughout the interview to talk and support her. Seemed like it was when a friend comes home from jail bid type of vibe. I wish I knew more Spanish to know more about the interview but Microman Fever on twitter filled in the gaps a lot.
  11. jushin muta liger

    Mae Young Classic 2018 thread

    Alex and Heidi aren't super workers by any means but they're better than some of these women in the tournament for sure. Heidi is still learning but Alex Lee got brought back to for this MYC, people would be praising her right now. Same with Kris Wolf if they brought her in. Just look at last year with Viper as I saw a lot of joshi fans would crap on her years before but when the rest of the wrestling fan audience saw her in the MYC, she got a heap of praise. Tessa Blanchard is another example as she improved a lot after she did a tour with Stardom as she worked a typical WWE style before. You're right that most of the mediocre women won't become super workers with Japanese training (i.e. Chelsea Green and Xia Brookside) but it seems to help.
  12. jushin muta liger

    WWE Evolution

    I had tepid excitement when the PPV was announced but I feel validated in being tepid. I will watch show but i have the feeling that only the MYC Finals and NXT Women's Title match will be the only good things on the show.
  13. jushin muta liger

    Mae Young Classic 2018 thread

    I didn't want to even hint to this on Twitter because it would start WWIII on Wrestling Twitter but it's true. Every Japanese woman wrestler that WWE has employed (even we can even date back to the 80s with the JBAs) has been head and shoulders above the rest of the women in ring. I heard Jeff Hawkins joke on STR that they should make the women in the PC sign waivers and go to another dojo where Meiko, Io and Kairi can train them in any way to get them to be badasses in ring. I know women's wrestling in North America hasn't had the space like Japan has in terms of the abundance of women's wrestling in that country and I know that SDR and Sarah Stock are helping them change that but there's a common thread in what people are praising who are watching the tournament.
  14. jushin muta liger

    WON HOF 2018

    I'm curious who makes up the pool of Japanese based voters (even the Mexican based voters as well) if Fredo doesn't have a vote. I'm stating the obvious that the Observer HOF is flawed but there's more problems to it than ever before.
  15. jushin muta liger

    Introducing ... Charting the Territories

    I can't wait to read this. I'm guessing the SPOT formula is just the average of the match placement over time?